Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Ice Cream I like and a visit from the Fairy Hobmother

Ice cream - scrumptious food! If I had my way, everybody would wear pyjamas, flip-flops and eat ice creams and hot dogs all day everyday. I also like to make my own ices, read on for a chance to win a visit from the Fairy Hobmother all will be revealed and it will make sense.  If you are impatient  just quickly look at the pretty pictures and get to the bottom of this post. So back to the delicious ice cream parlours I've been this Summer.  Here are some of my favourites in no particular order:
In Brixton: 
Lab G
Italian gluten-free ice-creams made in the premises. They also have diary free flavours like the caramel toffee with rice milk. The cones are gluten, diary and wheat-free too. Other flavours: strawberries and prosecco, custard, banana, pistachio from Sicily, Mango etc The  fruit flavours are 50% fruit. No additives. 

Giovanni, the owner, at the back - Ice cream: Zuppa Inglese & Flan di Riso
I also had the salted caramel the other day - delectable!
From £1.75 - £4.50
2 scoops @ £2.50
Giovanni Giovinazzo
6, Granville Arcade (aka Brixton Village) 
Coldharbour Lane
Brixton SW9  8PR
T:+44 (0) 7803 922616
Late morning until 10:00 pm Thursday-Saturday
Late morning until 5:30pm Sunday-Wednesday

Brixton's Ice Cream Union
Traditional artisan Ice cream owned by Argentinian brothers  they serve a array of flavours at their outlet in Brixton Market Row arcade.

Pistachio & Banana

Lemon and Strawberry sorb
2 scoops @ £2.50
Market Row, 
Electric Lane, 

In Town:
The Icecreamists
What can I say? the daddy of all ice creams! Creamy, velvety and tasty gelatos to die for. 
Controversial, seductive and sexy. In the menu: drinks,  ice cream cocktails, baby affogato, nickbockglory, Sundays, tasters etc  Delicious!

Sex Bomb! (Guarana, ginko, arginine finished with citrus zest)

Priscilla Queen of Desert (white chocolate, hollicks & Bailey's) 
2 scoops £3.95
The Icecreamists on Urbanspoon
15, Maiden Lane
Covent Garden WC2E 7NG
Open 7 days a week 12pm - 10:30pm

Finest artisan gelato from the team behind boca de lupo. They serve fresh gelati, sorbets and granitas.
Ice cream burgers, gelato cakes, coffee bar, foccacias and pies, online and on site deli.

Pistachio and Gianduja
Gelupo on Urbanspoon
2 scoops @ £3.00
7 Archer Street,
T: 020 7287 5555

Life is to short to eat bad icream!
Artisan fresh natural Italian gelato made in the Bute Street, South Kensington,
Premises daily. They also serve coffee, ice cream sandwiches and cakes.

Flavour Salted Caramel and Pistachio
making ice cream in the premises

 2 scoops @ £3.30
Oddono's Gelati Italiani Ltd
Oddono on Urbanspoon
14 Bute Street, London SW7 3EX
Tel. 020 7052 0732
Also selling at Selfridges food hall, Whiteleys 
take-aways: Basilico and Firezza
Freggo  - It’s so cold, it’s hot!
Argentine ice cream parlour  contemporany  purple deco,  Mayfair ice cream parlour also sells soup, cakes, sandwiches, tortillas and pancakes.. They also have chocolate and dulce de leche dips.  They are open till very late.
Prices starts at £3.95 for 2 scoops
27-29 Swallow Street
London W1B 4QR

Malbec & Berries and Dulce de Leche 
Freggo on Urbanspoon
Scoop.ED  - East Dulwich
Good alternative if you are local. Food: ice cream, coffees, milk shakes, sweets, breakfast things.

Melon with chilli and coconut
2 scoops @ £2.70
Scoop ed
4 Melbourne Terrace
East Dulwich
SE22 8RE

Tel: 020 8693 4418
No website - no social media - very local.

Candem Town 
Chin Chin Labs
Worth a visit for the show as well as the nitrogen ice creams

Jaffa Cake, salt caramel and popping candy

Chin Chin Laboratorists on Urbanspoon

UK Festivals, street markets and events:


Sarah sells fantastical ice creams and cakes from a 1982 Bedford ice cream van. All products are handmade by Sarah in her cottage kitchen in the Cotswold's, using local, seasonal and – where possible – organic ingredients. Peckpeckpeck ice creams are available to order locally by the pint, and Sarah can appear in her van at any events, festivals or street markets.

In Berlin
The prettiest ice cream ever!  Amorino 
Amorino on Urbanspoon
I first tried in Berlin, but they have a shop in Central London, all over France,  Italy and New York.


London: 41, Old Compton Street W1D 6HF London
Berlin: corner of Jagerstrasse and Friedrichstrasse on the corner of Galeries Lafayette Berlin

For Artisanal ice cream and fabulous flavours:

Cherry and sour cherry flavours
Dulce Chocolate & Ice Cream
Rosenthaler Straße 40/41, in den Hackeschen Höfen, Hof 1,
Mitte - Berlin  and over 20 establishments in Germany

Now for a chance to win a visit from the Fairy Hobmother:  Yes, she/he does exist!
Last Friday I got home from work to find a package on my door step. It was a fabulous ice cream maker. You see, the previous week  I commented on a post over @fairiefoodtale  blog, wishing an ice cream maker and, voilà!  my wish was granted by Alex, my Fairy Hobmother, who's been spreading joy all over the world and; for your chance to win anything at all just leave a comment detailing what you would like to win, why and some form of contact  (i.e.: email*, twitter account, etc) if you don't own a blog or a website.  The Fairy Hobmother,  aka @AppOnline, sells cookers as well as other kitchen appliances. However, you can choose any household appliance, kitchen gadget, books, garden furniture, hairdryer, or absolutely anything! even if they don't sell it on their online shop.  The Fairy Hobmother will be reading and choosing who will be the next lucky person(s) very soon.  It could be you!!! 
Almost forgot to mention Hot&Chilli has a facebook page so to get behind the scenes updates click here: 'like it'  Thank You and good luck! 
 PS: I checked with Alex, the Fairy Hobmother, who has confirmed that the luck winner(s) can be anyone anywhere in the world! 

* - when leaving email address follow this format to avoid spammers harvest: xxxx(at)youremailservice(dot)xxx


Fepial said...

A mouth watering post! I'm crazy about ice cream. The only problem is: where will be the first place to go and try it. I couldn't make up my mind yet.
I wish I have a pressure cook, it would save me time and allow me to appreciate my dinner. Usually is the other way round. Spend to much time preparing and so little to enjoy the food.
I love the blog, Congrat!

Greedy Diva said...

Excellent round up! Did you know that Gelupo now has a really cute ice-cream cart that you can hire for parties? I love Gelupo, but my favourite London ice-cream is Scoop's in Soho and Covent Garden.

Kate said...

What an awesome round up of ice creams places! You're clearly an ice cream lover after my own heart :-) Now I have my own maker I don't eat shop bought ice cream as often, but if I did I'd say Gelupo and Scoop rate pretty high.

Rosana said...

Fe, so by the looks of it you're going to get a visit form the Fairy Hobmother! well done.

Carly, I saw the cart when it arrived just before the summer. I want one! So cute. I still have to visit Scoop's. My ice cream wish list is long....

Kate, I want to be your neighbour! I can be your guinea pig too. What a lovely site! I must visit Scoop in town

Anneli said...

I would like Fairy Hobmother to give me a thermomix as a cook and caterer it would be very handy. Love the look of the blog too. Anneli B

Cazz said...

Just found your blog via Bake until Scrumptious! Your cake looked absolutely amazing. I'm a big ice-cream fan and have been desperately trying to find recipes that DON'T involve a mixer. If I could have one it would make myself and my fella very very very happy indeed.

@CazzONeill (Twitter)

Rosana said...

How fabulous! new readers and requests. Do let me know who won what.
Thanks R

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