Sunday, 19 February 2017

Devour Seville, a foodie adventure

My wanderlust list is quite extensive, and my top ten destinations keep changing, but Seville has always been in my top five places to visit.
The time came that I actually made it to Seville this January.

Being a food-lover, Seville was a dream destination for me to explore Andalucian cuisine. What better way to enjoy the cuisine than to jump into tapas and wine tasting through Devour Seville food tours?  It was an excellent choice.  From the first contact to booking, and the tour itself, it was super organised—The website was clear and easy to navigate, booking was very easy, and they really made sure that I was reminded about the tour up to the day.

The meeting point was very central and just a ten minute walk from my hotel.  I was quite surprised that there were about ten people on tour; for cold January, that was pretty impressive.  It was a colourful and diverse group of American guests, one Irish guest, and me, Brazilian.  Some of the guests from the US were on holiday, and others lived in Europe, like me. I was all good banter.
This particular tour was about tapas and wine, but when they say wine, it includes vermouth, varieties of sherry, and local wines.
Vermut and local cold meats

We started with a short walk to our first stop, Maestro Marcelino, a tapas bar with a mixture of deli and boutique-style foods located in the Sant Cruz area near the Seville Cathedral. They have barrels selling wines by the glass, or you can bring a bottle to fill up.  We tried their local cured meats, mojama, chorizo, chicharrones, caña lomo, Iberico Bellota, and montaditos—little sandwiches. We had the grilled pork loin, and we washed it all down with a sweet red vermouth on tap.

The next stop was Las Teresas, a busy traditional tapas bar; there, we tasted Jamon Iberico de Bellota—acorn-fed Iberian ham, aged sheep cheese, and a glass of dry manzanilla sherry, a variety of fino sherry made around the port of Sanlúcar de Barrameda. It's very pale and dry.  We also tasted Amontillado, a sherry wine characterised by being slightly darker than fino.

The final stop was Vineria San Telmo. This place serves a modern take on tapas using fresh local ingredients. We had hot-off-the-grill tapas and three modern style local wines from Cadiz, Rioja, and Sierras de Malaga. It was just a fantastic place for a degustation of modern Seville cuisine.
Panko Prawns - delicious king prawns cooked in Japanese panko breadcrumbs, served with arugula, grilled zucchini/courgette and paired with a soy mayonnaise

A mild chicken liver pate aperitif served with caramelized onion, melted cheese and a tomato confit and crispy toasted bread - ideal for stacking!

A crepe de morcilla, using delicious blood sausage mixed with rice to create a unique texture and amazing taste, typical from Burgos in Northern Spain, served in a crepe with caramelized onion and lightly fried beetroot on top and a sweet pepper sauce.

beautifully prepared pluma ibérica, a cut of pork taken from near the ribs, served on a bed of pumpkin with a deliciously light curry sauce - so good!!

Our guide, Fleur was fabulous, knowledgeable, and very patient. She is British but has been living in Seville for the last six years. She told us various local curiosities, and it was a very entertaining evening.

The tour was a mix of traditional and modern establishments in Seville. At the end of it, I was fully satisfied and needed no more food until the next day. The tour was supposed to take 2.5 hours, but it ran over a bit, although no one seemed very preoccupied. It is ideal for first timers and an intro to the Seville food scene.  It is highly recommended.

Disclosure:  I was a guest of Devour Seville. All opinions are my own.


Ashleigh - said...

I love the look of the panko prawns the best! Love those x

Kacie Morgan said...

Seville looks lovely. I was going to visit when I was in Portugal in December, but we didn't manage to fit it in.

Rachel Spiteri said...

This sounds pretty amazing and your photography makes me want to eat it all!

Ickle Pickle said...

What a lovely event. The food looks amazing, a tour like this is a great idea. Kaz :)

Sarah said...

Sounds like you had a great time! The food looks amazing, especially the prawns! They're massive!

Natalia said...

omg! those tapas look amazing! the cheese and jamón are so simple but delicious... definitely will have them next time I go to Spain x

Zena Goldman said...

I would happily go on this tour, the food looks amazing. I adore tapas

Jessica Howliston said...

wow all this food looks so delicious and colourful I wish I could just dive right in to your photos and enjoy the flavours and smells! x

Hannah Bailey-Churcher said...

This looks really yummy, love the creative presentation!

Denise Browning said...

This is a city that I have always wanted to visit as well as the rest of the country. Love Spanish food and would be delighted to explore the food scene thete and experience culture.

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