Friday, 10 March 2017

Dinner at Ms Marmite Lover with South African Flavorking Plums

One of many supper clubs left to attend on my long list! Mind you I have attended quite a few over the years, but I finally I managed to visit Ms Marmite Lover, who launched the supper club/underground restaurant movement in the UK in 2009 with her supper club The Underground Restaurant.

The evening  I attended It was a was all about  South African Flavorking plums! All recipes and drinks had Flavorking plums as ingredients.  You probably think I have misspelt the name of the glorious stone fruit - Not I haven't!  Thanks!  what's the name Flavorking - full of flavour or flavor - the spelling depends where you come from.

Flavorking plums are a majestic presence in a fruit bowl thanks to their size, colour and sweetness.  These plums are quite large and have a deep crimson blush flash. They are very juicy and full of flavour as the name suggests. This fruit has a punch taste that’s reminiscent of bubblegum. Their season is quite short so run to the supermarket now and try this delicious fruit.  Available at M&S for a limited time.

The dinner

Prosecco with plum syrup

we started with a rather tasty and quite addictive
 Prosecco with plum syrup

Plum-cured cold smoked salmon canapé

Followed by little morsels of Plum-cured cold smoked salmon canapés - The salmon was cured by Kerstin herself in her home - fabulous!

Mushroom and tofu gyoza with plum sauce and purple sweet potato and blood orange

Once seated we started the event with Mushroom and tofu gyoza with plum sauce and purple sweet potato and blood orange - I love gyozas, and I was quite impressed by the homemade parcels - so beautifully done!  I am not good at making Gyoza but I have an exceptional talent to eat them!

This is going to sound a bit unusual but OMG that has good!  Sea bass en papillote on a bed of plum noodles with umeboshi plums and bergamot zest with plum salsa -  the sea bass was delicate, and the salsa was extraordinary! It was fruity, sweet, lemony, aromatic with a slight kick of chilli on the finish,  recipe here!

plum fruit leather

Goulds cheddar cheese board with plum fruit leather and plum pickled burdock root - the fruit leather was a brilliant idea.  Great fun and quite delicious.

Plum clafoutis - comfort food on a cold evening - a winner!

It was a nice evening with  lots of laughter,  it was good to meet new folks and catch up with old friends!

Disclosure: I was a guest at this event- everything you are reading here are my words and my opinions.


Kerstin Rodgers aka MsMarmiteLover said...

Thank you for your lovely review and gorgeous photos. It was a pleasure to have you at my supper club.
For any of your readers that are interested, my next supper club is May 5th at my house in Kilburn London.
It's Mexican themed, tequila and tacos, for cinco de mayo. Tickets £40 byo.

Lauretta C Wright said... very la di dat...dahling...I would have loved to have traded places with you for your lovely dining experience!

Melanie Williams said...

This looks fantastic, wow, so jel :) Happy Monday :) x

Emma Julia said...

Ms Marmite Lover is definitely the Queen of Supperclubs - what a delicious sounding evening!

beautyqueenuk said...

Wow this looks amazing and it is a good thing you like the taste of plum!

ana de jesus said...

I love the look of the plum pudding it looks heartwarming and that plum prosecco has my vote! Yum x

Lindsey Burton-Harrison said...

These all look and scrumptious. I roils love to attend one of these events

Anosa said...

The Mushroom and tofu gyoza with plum sauce and purple sweet potato and blood orange caught my attention. I would love to try this one.

Sher said...

oooo YUM! This sounds amazing & I love your imagery too! x

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