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Hot&Chilli is an award-winning food, drink and travel blog with enticing recipes telling stories of Brazilian food and beyond; cooking from my tiny kitchen in Brixton, London and my adventures in travel. I am passionate and enthusiastic about fine and quality food, wine and travel. I really enjoy the process of food and travel writing.

Food and travel are two things that have shaped my life and are subjects from which I derive endless fascination. My name is Rosana, a Brazilian living in London, with family roots in Spain, Italy, Germany and Switzerland. Through this publication; I indulge in my greatest passions - food and travel. 

By writing about my diverse travel  experiences and sharing my favourite Brazilian recipes passed along to me by my mother, I hope that I can inspire others to take a similar interest in eating, drinking, cooking and especially, travelling. 

 I’m always keen to hear from my readers, as well as other blogs, PRs and publications, so please feel free to get in touch, leave a comment, ask a question or make a suggestion. To contact me directly email: rosana_mcphee(at)hotmail(dot)com

Bear in mind all views on this blog are my own unless otherwise stated. I take pride in publishing reviews that are honest and impartial, and while I happily accept samples, invitations, books, products and press trips, I only write about things I have tried, tested and liked, and which are relevant to this blog. I usually highlight the positives on my reviews, with some polite criticisms and light passing comments on the negatives, as I believe life is too short and everyone has bad days. 

The recipes on this site are standard food tables. If you are making significant changes to your diet or exercise regime, please consult your doctor. Please consume alcohol in moderation, current UK guidelines recommend consuming no more than 2 or 3 units of alcohol per day for women and  3 or 4 units of alcohol per day for men, with 1 or 2 alcohol free days. 

Competitions, give-aways, sponsored posts, links, videos, press releases: Please don't ask for links back or to work for free or for 'exposure'. I don't run competitions or giveaways. I always disclose the source of sponsorship when that occurs.  So far, sponsored posts, and videos have been 100% refused, as they didn't add value to my readers, if one day they are approved to publication, only one link (non-follow) will be allowed, contact me for more details. I don't publish press releases on this site. Product placement - contact me for details.

Copyright: Hot&Chilli food and travel blog is licensed under the Creative Commons . All rights reserved. If you would like to use any content  or modify any of it please contact me in advance. It's just polite to do so.

For more info and if you would like to work with Hot&Chill email me for a full media pack.
I hope you have fun reading my blog and thanks for stopping by.

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