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Sunday, 5 March 2017

The Holy Birds

The Holy Birds
Holy Negroni at The Holy Birds
Holy Negroni : Beefeater 24 Gin, Campari, White Port topped with an almond and
orange foam
Uptown Manhattan and Babycham
Uptown Manhattan:
The smooth flavour of Wild Turkey washed with Extra Virgin
Olive Oil combined with the sweetness of maraschino played
off against Lillet Blanc and the crisp celery, notes makes for an
unusual but balanced twist on a Manhattan. - Wild Turkey 81 Bourbon, Lillet Blanc, De Kuyper Marasquin, celery bitters and Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Back in the day we went to The Library at The Lanesborough hotel where Salvatore Calabrese, The Maestro,  was concocting some very lovely Lavander Martini. It was a very enjoyable experience.  Fast forward  I've now been to his son's place where the cocktail menu is created by Salvatore, The Maestro himself.

The Holy Birds is a commercial establishment located in London’s Petticoat Lane Market. The two-floor bar and restaurant has an interior design that was inspired by 60s Danish modernist movement, very much to my liking. You might feel like you went back to that era as soon as you enter the door.  Play attention to the reception table, lots of colourful 60's phones.

On the ground floor of The Holy Birds, you’ll find a cocktail lounge that serves late-night refreshment. The interior design is a combination of personalised design and mid-century decors. It features a top of the line sound system that is used during performances of live acts and in-demand DJs. More often than not, they play music that has been inspired 60s era.

On the second floor is the restaurant that specialises in poultry. Its menu consists of dishes made from free-range birds that include ducks, grouses, wood pigeons, pheasants, quails, and chickens. It is said to be the first of such restaurant to be established in London.

The Holy Birds is the first time that the Calabrese Brothers collaborated with their father, Salvatore Calabrese, who is a world-renowned mixologist. The maestro started working in the industry in the 60s and has developed designer cocktails since then. The Holy Birds is just one of the bars in London that offers these cocktails.
downstairs bar

This is just one of the ventures of the Calabrese Brothers in the London bar industry. Their company was also responsible for other successful establishments in the city, such as the award-winning Hoxton Pony in Shoreditch and Hoxton Gin. Another recent project of their business is the Wringer and Mangle restaurant and music venue in London Fields.

The meal

Wings with soy sauce and Dijon mustard and crispy chicken skins

The snacks were on pint at The Holy Birds,  well seasoned chicken wings

Beaujolais, France 2014
Serious Cru Beaujolais, soft and juicy, with hints of raspberries, strawberries and violet

Heritage carrots, roasted parsnips, curd & curry oil salad, a very tasty and divine salad
Roast duck breast - succulent, well prepared and perfectly cooked

The Holy Birds buttermilk chicken burger with hand-cut chips and
Celeriac remoulade (off picture)  a majestivc burger with juicy chicken and so much flavour.
Chocolate & sea salt Baked Alaska - how gorgeous does that look?  Sweet and chocolaty
Hot chocolate pudding with Kirsch & cherry sauce- I just love the chocolate and cherry match always a winner!
The service was very amicable and polite. It wasn't a very busy evening when we had dinner there. It' a quite sizable place  - I am sure they can cope.

Disclosure:  I was a guest of The Holy Birds. All opinions are my own.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Barrio comes to Brixton

Barrio Brixton

About two years ago I stopped briefly at Bairro Soho, for a very quick drink while waiting for a friend. It was late afternoon, sunny and I promised I would go back. As life goes, I never did. The decor was very colourful, and the drinks were very enticing indeed!

Fast forward and two tears later, Bairro comes to Brixton. I was invited to review it for the blog. The vibrant brand Barrio began in 2007 and the family still growing serving Latin-inspired drinks and food. The Brixton branch was just opened in March 2016.

We went on a Thursday early evening 6 pm, and it was already in full swing by 8.30 pm, when we left.

The menu is a mixed bag of Peruvian, Nikkei and  Mexican flavours. From homemade marinades, ceviches with delightful Leche de Tigre (tiger's milk), to grilled and barbecued Anticuchos (Mi Corazon on the menu)  and other meats, to Fried chicken with a secret aji panca sauce, that sauce should be bottled and sold on the premises - amazing!

I need to go back and try the one desert in the menu - Peruvian mess, the pork and steak sanguches,  Pork & Chican Bun, Grilled pork belly, chicharron, coriander, red onions, rocoto chilli & sweet potato jam,  they all looked incredible.  It's food to share; I would say 2-3 plates a person if you were ravenous. 

 Ceviche amarilllo and Guac & Chips - great corn chips!

 che guava cocktail and nibbles

Mi corazon and lamb rocoto cream served with mint and coriander dip
green grocer
Ol' dirty bastard

making the Brazillian Lady

The cocktail menu consists in ten concoctions, using herbs and exotic fruits. Price varies from £8.50-£9/each. My favourite was the Brazilian lady: cachaca, passion fruit, Cointreau, lemon, and egg white - this combination is heavenly. The second favourite was Che Guava:  Rum, Mezcal, guava, passion fruit, and lime. Ol' Dirty Bastard was a hit too, bourbon, rum, orange and angostura bitters. The least favourite was Port of Call, not sure why...

They have an extensive and affordable wines, beers, and cider list if you don't like cocktails. Wines start at £4.50/glass and £18/bottle. Beer bottle at £4, draft from £5 and one cider in the menu at £4.50/glass.

The decor is fun; there are lots to see and admire including a painted wall by Brixton local artist. Bright interiors take upcycling to the next level. They have an outside area excellent for the Summer months. The staff was nice and polite; some of them didn't seem to know the menu well. 


Such a good vibe and best of all local, walking distance from home and Brixton station. Highly recommended if exploring the area or live locally.

Open seven days a week and until 2 am on the weekends while offering brunch from 10 am on Saturdays and Sundays.

Barrio Brixton
30 Acre Lane, Brixton

nearest underground: Brixton

Disclosure: I was a guest at Barrio Brixton for review purposes. All views are my own.

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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Spring Cocktails at The Lobby Bar, One Aldwych

First time I went at the One Aldwych was about three years ago; I met a few friends at The Lobby Bar, and we had a great time and fantastic cocktails. I am not sure why I haven't been back until last Tuesday.

I was invited to experience their new Spring cocktails and aperitives.
The One Aldwych is on of the few independent hotel in London it opened in 1998. The building history spans over a century. It started life as Newspaper Morning Post headquarters. The Lobby Bar was the heart of the building as the paper's Advertisement Hall and still features the original Austrian oak window panelling from that time.

The Lobby bar is the first area you see when entering this magnificent building. A very spacious and airy lobby and bar area with a fantastic menu offering the classics and seasonal drinks.  The room have enormous windows on both sides that let the light flowing in. Gigantic floral arrangements make the room very welcoming together with the knowledgeable and friendly staff.

As Spring has finally sprung a limited edition cocktail collection on the list under  High Spirits Cocktails, a  blend of botanical, bitter and sweet flavours that amazed me. We also had a couple of the drinks from the menu. We discovered Pedrino, a Premium alcoholic blend of tonic water and Pedro Ximenez - delicious and refreshing.

Flamingo: Americano Gancia, Limonecello liqueur, Lychee liqueur, lavender bitters topped with soda so pretty!

Old fashion
At the moment, the Spring menu is a delicious concoction of five well-crafted drinks with seasonal accents.  Priced at £13.50/cocktail  the limited edition Spring Aperitivos menu will be available from 1st April to 30th June 2016.

The list includes other cocktails as well as bar food.

Spring Sling
Amaro Montenegro, Merlet Apricot Brandy, Barolo Chinato Cocchi, orange and mandarin bitters, red currant, topped with soda water.  Served in a chilled sling glass.

Wild Spritz
Americano Gancia, Bloom Gin, rosemary, thyme and bergamot syrup, Angostura Bitters, topped up with Pedrino.  Served in a chilled coupette glass.

Americano Gancia, Limoncello, lychee liqueur, lavender bitters, topped with soda water.  Served in a chilled special coupette glass.

Honeycomb Bloom
Kamm & Sons, Haymans Sloe Gin infused with cardamom, Byrrh and a drop of Peychaud’s Bitters.  Served in a chilled glass bottle accompanied by a spritzer glass.

Bee Treat
Finlandia Grapefruit Vodka, Kamm & Sons, rose liqueur, Prucia Plum Liqueur and lavender bitters.  Served in a chilled snifter glass.

Still have to try the last two drinks on the list above - I will definitely be back soon. Highly recommended, such a central London location.

Lobby Bar Reservations:
Tel 020 7300 1070

Disclosure: I was a guest at  the Lobby Bar for review purposes. All views are my own.
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