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Monday, 14 October 2013

Chocolate Ecstasy Tour in London

Chocolate week is upon us and luckily I got a free press pass to review the delicious Chocolate Ecstasy Tour run by the lovely chocolate expert Jennifer Earle, who founded the company in 2006.  I first heard about the chocolate tour a few months back through the ever helpful twitter. There are two areas of the Chocolate Ecstasy tour in London: Chelsea and Mayfair, and lots of different packages ranging from traditional to modern choices, mornings or evenings, weekdays and weekends, hen parties to corporate packages.  Private tours can be arranged too. I went to the Mayfair tour.

We started the tour at Sketch in Mayfair where we got acquainted with the others in the group (max of 12)  over a lush hot Valrhona chocolate cup and a light and crisp apple pastry. 
Valrhona hot chocolate at Sketch
 It was a great way to start the tour and to break the ice. Jennifer talked us through cocoa beans, nibs, butter, the process of chocolate making from farmers to chocolate maker and finally the chocolatier.  When you taste fine chocolate you ate less of it, as fine chocolate is more intense and this way more satisfying.

cocoa beans
cocoa nibs

A masterclass in chocolate tasting:
Open the packaging – smell: inhale its aroma and scents – vanilla, spices, fruits etc. Appearance: quality chocolate should have a nice sheen to it. A wide range of different tones of brown depending on the type of chocolate and the percentage of cocoa.  
Sound: Quality chocolate will break easily and neatly. Dark chocolate has a clear, sharp snap, milk or white chocolate has a more gentle snap because of the milk content.  
Touch: High quality chocolate should melt with your body temperature. Place a small piece between your fingers, melting, fell the texture. It should be smooth.  
Taste: put a small piece in your mouth, let the chocolate sit on your tongue and begin to melt. chew the piece three to five times and concentrate on the taste and textures. You’ll soon be a chocolate expert. Practise makes perfect! Let’s open another bar of fine chocolate…

We had a tour of Sketch. What a magnificent building!  The deco is eclectic and considered. Beautiful and intriguing art work scattered all over the place. 


Afterwards we moved on next door, The East Indian Company where we sampled endless fine chocolates bars, chocolate covered fruits and nuts. We sampled some fine tea too. All delicious and sophisticated as the shop.
chocolate tasting at The East Indian Company
fine tea tasting

We then crossed Regents Street into Soho, walking down Carnaby street to my surprise Jennifer, who is very knowledgeable of the area, talked us through a small Soho tour on the way to our next stop. I loved it!  
Our next stop was Paul A. Young where we met  the most enthusiastic staff ever!  Somehow the staff fits  Paul's brand, very well.  We tried some exotic truffles, bonbons and chocolate brownies.  They also sell chocolate bars and cooking chocolate. All things chocolate! We were told that the origin of the cocoa effect the taste of the final product and  the different shapes of the chocolate are considered  and designed accordingly to hence the taste.

 hot chocolate at Paul A. Young:

We walked to our next destination, Carpo. Nuts, chocolate, dried fruits, honey, preserves and coffee emporium at number 16, Piccadilly. They also sell seasonal snacks.  This shop is crammed with ingredients and some of them I never heard of.  Alladin's cave is the expression that comes to mind. Brilliant! The staff is very helpful too.

Prestat, located at Princes Arcade, was the next stop. This small shop is rather colourful and one of the oldest chocolate shop in London. One of their most famous customer is  Roald Dahl's  author of  Charlie and chocolate factory.  Prestat are the creators of the chocolate truffle in 1891. We sample some fine chocolate truffles there.


Our last stop was Charbonnel et Walker purveyor of fine handmade British chocolate since 1875, producing chocolate according to traditional recipes. This shop is located in the Royal Arcade in Bond Street.  The shop has a collection of Royal photographs all over its walls. Quite entertaining to see the Royal Family back in the day. We sample their best sellers Rose and Violet creams and the luxurious Pink Marc de Champagne  truffles.  
Pink Marc de Champagne  truffles
 Rose and Violet creams and silk ribbons:
 Thanks to Laura for being a fabulous hand model on this tour.
For another point of view on this tour read Laura's post here

Jennifer is very gracious and you can see she enjoyed guiding us through Mayfair and Soho to sample great chocolate delights. Jennifer credentials are very impressive:  recognised chocolate expert, appearing on TV and radio programmes and judging various chocolate and baking competitions, including being one of just seven members of the Grand Jury for the International Chocolate Awards and judging supermarket boxes of chocolates for Which? Magazine. 
In this tour you will learn about chocolate, where to get fine chocolate and you get an insight into Mayfair and Soho history and anecdotes too. Highly recommended. Happy Chocolate week!
Tour starts at £40/per person for over three hours of chocolate tasting in very fine establishments. For more info:
Disclosure: I was a guest of chocolate Ecstasy Tour.  All views are my own. 
For more images click here on my account on Flickr: Chocolate Ecstasy Tour in London

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Chocolate & Champagne a match made in heaven!

Chocolate week  - what's not to like? And how about chocolate and champagne, now that's is a match made in heaven!  I was invited to an event that took place at the glamourous Harrods as part of Chocolate week in the UK (8th-14th October 2012).  William Curley, award-winning Chocolatier and Patissier and Champagne house Laurent Perrier, founded in 1812 exactly 200 years ago, have joined forces to create the ultimate indulgence: luxurious chocolate and champagne truffles. 
 The event was a celebration of chocolate week, a demo by William Curley and the unveilling of  the limited edition William Curley and Laurent-Perrier Christmas gift sets that includes the champagne truffles, available in Harrods from November 2012, just in time for Christmas.  We sampled some delectable cakes and desserts created by William Curley over a glass or two of Laurent Perrier champagne.  This cakes are available at Harrods foodhall counters too.
Bellow cakes and truffles:


Harrods Food Hall counter

We also had the opportunity to roll our own truffles:

rolling my own truffles
The Laurent-Perrier Champagne Truffle and Laurent-Perrier Vintage Bellini couture chocolate by William Curley, each individually handcrafted in London. William Curley, Britain’s Best Chocolatier, renowned the world over for his unique chocolate creations, has crafted these classic truffles with Laurent-Perrier using Toscano 70% and Laurent-Perrier’s signature Brut champagne, whilst the decadent Vintage Bellini couture chocolate features Laurent-Perrier’s Vintage 2002, and a deliciously fruity peach p√Ęte de fruits.

A 250g box of Laurent-Perrier Champagne Truffles by William Curley with a half bottle of Laurent-Perrier Brut Champagne retails at £52 and a 36 piece box of Laurent-Perrier Vintage Bellini Chocolates by William Curley with a 75cl bottle of Laurent-Perrier Vintage Champagne sells at £110. 

Gift sets
Thanks to William Curley, Laurent Perrier, Wildcard and Harrods for inviting me to a fabulous evening!
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