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Monday, 18 April 2016

Nespresso Prodigio, Coffee and Technology

Nespresso Prodigio

Last month saw the launch of Nespresso latest coffee machine.
The Prodigio, which uses Bluetooth, and Nespresso app to make coffee.
The launch was educational, and the usual fabulous party followed with carefully crafted coffee canapes and equally delectable coffee cocktails by Mixologist Cocktail Guy from the famous Duck & Waffle restaurant and bar in London.   They had a lovely display of all the machine released since Nespresso inception.

Coffee tasting with Nespresso

Nespresso Martini

delicious cocktail recipe

Nespresso Martini

35ml Dark Rum
15ml Maple Syrup
2 Dashes Chocolate Bitters Double shot Nespresso Kazaar 15ml Mozart Dark Chocolate Liqueur

Add Nespresso Kazaar to the dark rum, dark chocolate liqueur, bitters and a spiced maple syrup.
Shake hard and serve – velvety smooth, in a martini glass.

Nespresso Prodigio: A New Way to Experience Coffee

In an era that is predominantly defined by technology, a lot of things can now be done remotely. Making coffee, for instance, can now be possible with just a few clicks from your smartphone. This is how far technological innovations have taken us, and this is how Nespresso Prodigio is promising to change your life.

Nespresso Prodigio is an espresso maker that can be connected to your smartphone through a modern application. This will allow you to make your coffee remotely, be notified when your coffee capsules are running low and receive alerts when the water needs to be refilled. Even while you are still lounging in bed or just sitting on your couch, Nespresso Prodigio will make it effortless to prepare your caffeine fix.

The Nespresso Prodigio is equipped with state-of-the-art Bluetooth Technology. This will connect the machine to your smartphone. With a few swipes of buttons from the app, you can already brew your espresso. It is going to perform various functions, such as ordering of capsules, automatic brewing based on specified time, providing warnings when capsule container is full, alerting when tanks need to be emptied, and alerts for maintenance and errors.

The Nespresso Prodigio machine is available now, and it is priced at £159. The Prodigio&Milk  is priced at £199. The machine can be purchased from Nespresso Boutiques, and leading department stores and cookshops.

Nespresso Prodigio review

My phone made me a coffee!
I was sent a machine to review at home, and these are my findings. The device is quite light with the water tank located at the back holds 800ml. The water tank slides sideways making it easy to adjust according to allocated space.  Easy to access and to clean too.

Connecting the phone to the machine - it was a bit tricky, it didn't connect immediately. It took a couple of times. The machine had to be reset, which I found instructions online, and then the IPhone Bluetooth paired with the machine. After that it was very easy to use the applicance.   

   Connecting Machine and Iphone  after downloading the Nespresso App

making coffee through the  Nespresso application

scheduling the Prodigio

If there's more than one person using the application over different devices for the same Prodigio, it's difficult to find out if you are running out of coffee capsules, if for example one leaves the house for a few days and the other person still using the machine.  The application doesn't get updated correctly. In this scenario,  better to have an appropriate amount of capsules as back up in the house.  The application still in development, so hopefully this issue will get ironed out. I heard other features will be added.

Still it is a great appliance to make fantastic Nespresso coffees without leaving the sofa or bed and to easy schedule to make coffee first thing in the morning. It's beautifully designed, smooth lines and comes in Silver and Titan.

For more details about the Prodigio event launch check out PastaBites blog

Disclosure: I was a guest at Nespresso launch of Prodigio and  I was a given (temporarily)  a Prodigio machine for review purposes. All view are my own, as always.

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Friday, 8 April 2016

The London Coffee Festival

This Thursday started the London Coffee Festival 2016 edition (7th-10th April). It is the first time I attended and It was a great experience, specially if you are a coffee lover. Everything from coffee machines, beans to coffee trade equipment.
There are also a few non-coffee drinking related businesses showcasing their products and some looking for distributor in the UK. Refreshing drinks, beautiful fashion and kitchen related gear.  There's something for everyone.

The Lab
The London Coffee Festival’s extensive Lab Programme is designed to offer visitors an array of interactive demonstrations, workshops, and tasting sessions, as well as fascinating talks and lively debates on everything from how to set up a cluster of coffee shops to develop your following on social media.

Open to the public at the weekend, the festival offers fun and educational sessions to inspire and entertain. Why not test your knowledge in Taylor St. Barista’s Coffee Pub Quiz, or learn how to brew the perfect cup of Turkish Coffee with experts from Kahve Dünyasi? There're so many exciting things to look forward to.

The True Artisan coffee and DJ on site
Are you an actual coffee craftsperson? Or a coffee connoisseur?
32 of Europe’s best coffee shops are on site to inspire and deliver coffee with a difference at La Marzocco’s True Artisan Café. Showcasing their skills and create signature espresso-based drinks
coffee masters

 Coffee Masters and Workshops
Coffee Masters competition: multi-disciplinary barista competition designed to award world’s best baristas for this prestigious Coffee Master title with cash prizes too. The competition starts on Thursday with the final on Sunday.

coffee and food paring
Coffee and food pairing
Scandinavian Embassy hosts a pop-up restaurant in the VIP suite book in advance:

making your own late art

Coffee art and Latte Art

Coffee art is art competition based on the theme of, you guessed,  coffee! It showcases the creativity and talents of emerging and established artists while engaging a broad spirit of community among those who share a passion for great coffee!

Latte art
'Top 5 benefits for barista: La Cimbali's TurboSteam 4

1) Consistency — once programmed to the temperature and foam level required by the senior barista, the result is always the same

2) Ease of use — even someone new to coffee can create milk perfection and focus on a perfect pour

3) A helping hand during busy times — baristas can manually steam one jug while TS4 takes control of the second meaning productivity is increased while quality is maintained

4) Flexibility — you can tailor four different options of temperature and foam to cover all your drink selections

5) Smart foaming — the wand adapts the foam levels depending on how quickly the milk is heating, meaning that a range of jug sizes can be used without the need to change the program.'

Coffee and wine pairing
The 25-minute experiences will take place in a specially created Grand Crü Lounge on the trade days of the Festival (7-8 April).

Chocolate tasting
Enjoy savouring chocolates with experts from the Hotel Chocolat team. Tasting some Cocoa Bellinis too.

Friday : Espresso Martini party  from 8pm-10pm

Lots to see, eat and drink

coffee art

Live music
Coffee and technology : the new PrimaDonna Elite - amazing piece of machinery

Baileys Bar

and flowers too!

Coffee galore! 
For more info and how to book tickets:

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