Beef Stroganoff, recipe

Beef Stroganoff  is a famous Russian recipe from the mid-19th Century. This dish is well-liked all over the world. The original recipe uses heavy sour cream and diced meat. In Portuguese, sour cream is known as nata, used and widely available in Portugal, not so popular in Brazil, in this particular recipe we usually use cream.  Matchsticks fried potatoes and white boiled rice are our preferred accompaniment to stroganoff. We also have so many variations, like chicken and prawns stroganoff. Different ingredients are also added like onions, champignon (small white mushrooms) and some places the use of heart of palm, instead of mushrooms, is common too.

In this recipe I used chestnut mushroom, which gives this recipe a stronger earthy taste and added Dijon mustard for tanginess and for it’s spicy characteristics that goes very well with red meat. 

Beef Stroganoff recipe
serves: 4 people

• 1kg of flank or
sirloin, diced or strips
• 3 tablespoons of oil
• 2 medium onions, finely diced
• 3 tomatoes, peeled, seeded and chopped
• 1 tablespoons of ketchup
• 1 & 1/2 tablespoons of good quality french Dijon mustard, I use Maille
• 150ml of beef stock with added 2 tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce
• 1 cup of champignon/ 250g white mushrooms or heart of palm
• ½ cup (100ml) of white wine or whisky or vermouth, if desired
• 300ml of double cream (heavy



1. lightly flour the meat and place the meat in a saucepan the oil and brown the meat
2. add the diced onion and fry for 5 minutes, add the beef stock and cook for a
further 20 minutes, stirring occasionally
3. add the mustard, ketchup, tomatoes and cook for another 10 minutes. Add
the and champignom/mushroom (or heart of palm) and cook for another 5 minutes
4. add ½ cup of white wine or whisky and flambee, when the fire has
subsided and a creamy sauce should have formed, turn off the heat
5. add the double cream (or heavy cream), stirring gently until fully incorporated
and warm
6. serve straighway with white rice and matchstick fries. I mixed a small amount of mustard and cream to serve with this dish.
You can find a collection of recipes using Maille mustard at Great British Chefs site.


Disclosure: This recipe was specially written for Maille, I was paid for my time. I buy and use Maille mustards in my cooking and I always have a great variety at home. I love mustard. All views are my own.






  1. Lisa Serrano Diaz
    March 13, 2014 / 6:24 pm

    I need to stop looking at your posts when I am hungry. Everything you make makes me hungry. Your friend from LBC

  2. March 16, 2014 / 9:49 pm

    Hi Lisa, your comment made me laugh… it's like going to the supermarket hungry and you buy more than you should. At least here there's no calories intake.

  3. March 24, 2014 / 9:56 pm

    It looks lovely and I especially like the look of the matchstick chips.