Bill’s Everyday Asian + Keep Calm and Cook On

A book full of colour, style and gorgeous pictures. The book jacket is absolutely striking as you take the jacket off there’s a pleasing pale pink hardcover with simple gold typing.  Two hundred and fifty pages of pure pleasure.  Everyday Asian is a unique and simplified  take on Asiatic cuisine by Bill Granger, the famous Australian self-taught cook. Bill’s relax attitude to cooking is the key of his enduring affection and popularity.  I love trying out new recipes, it’s just so inspiring to read about new ingredients from around the world and their uses. Sometimes, I am  surprised to discover that some products from other cultures are very familiar but I haven’t used in many years. Some of them are from my childhood and some are from many years ago when I moved to London. You see,  at that time  I learned a bit of oriental cooking. I wish I had stuck to it now! 

I tried eight recipes  from Bil”s Everyday Asian, some are very simple street food and others use some more distinguished ingredients, but  all-in-all,  they are easy to follow and the result was a table full of  plates and bowls bursting with colorful food with big, striking flavours. All ingredients can be easily found in supermarkets.  The recipes are designed for the health conscious in mind and inspired by the authors many experiences around Asia.  It’s such a pretty book. You will want to display this book at every opportunity.  Looking forward to cooking the duck with plum next!

fish bok choy with lime butter, Tofu in Mirin sauce, Aubergine in miso sauce, Mango salad with mint,  cucumber pickle
Char-grilled chicken salad with pineapple & basil with simple white rice
Coconut Truffles:
This pocket size book is charming and the perfect token of affection or ideal as a socking filler. 
The hardback is covered with navy fabric and inside is full of lovely, unusual and constructive pointers for numerous kitchen and cooking conundrums. 
It includes quotes from Jane Grigson, Madame Benoit, Nigella Lawson to Marcel Boulestin.
The Author Lewis Esson is a accomplished food book editor.
Thanks to Quadrille books for sending both books to be reviewed.