Hotel Chocolat Review and Christmas Traditions

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I love chocolate and even after a big meal I can’t resist eating them.  The worldwide tradition of Advent Calendar is one of the sweetest, and I love it because it lasts for almost a month. A German Lutheran custom, the Advent calendar pleases children and adults alike. A chocolate a day can certainly keeps any sadness at bay. Okay, my theory is not scientifically proven, but I am sure it helps. Needless to say, I was more than thrilled to receive a box full of chocolates goodies from Hotel Chocolat.  It contained chocolate and caramel mince pies, Brazil nuts covered in dark chocolate and a seriously lush advent calendar.  The chocolate advent calendar comes in a very impressive  Christmas red, white and gold themed box and contains twenty four two-bite Christmassy figures cast in seriously good 70% dark or 40% milk chocolate and stylish one-off designs. No added flavor to the chocolates what you see is what you get -just pieces of great quality chocolate. Not exactly the cheapest  advent calendar,  nevertheless a well deserved festive treat that lasts for twenty four days. Well, if you are disciplined enough not eat them all at one…
a selection of milk and  dark chocolate The Ultimate Advent calendar @ £17/box

In the Western Christian tradition Advent is the start of the Christian year, beginning on the fourth Sunday before Christmas and ending on Christmas Eve.  The idea of Advent is to prepare for the Second Coming while remembering the First Coming of Christ at Christmas.
The four Sundays of Advent are often celebrated by the gradual lighting of four candles (the coming of light into the world). The  Advent wreath is created by the construction of  a circle of evergreen branches, representing everlasting life.  The gathering of seedpods, nuts, and cones for decoration remind us of the symbol of resurrection. For the third Sunday a rose candle is used to represent a time of less penance and more rejoicing.
On the first Sunday of Advent, light one candle, the second Sunday two candles are lit; Third Sunday two purple and one rose candle are lit and on the fourth Sunday light all candles.
Eastern churches do not have a Season of Advent, but do follow the original forty-day routine of fasting, prayer and reflection.  

Christmas traditions varies around the world. However, somethings are common worldwide: the tradition of lights, Christmas tree, decorations varies according to culture, poinsettia, candles and the Christmas meal. On December the 25th, Christians and non-Christians around the world celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Most people celebrate by giving gifts. Children will be raiding their Christmas stockings, which is usually filled with big and small tokens. They may also be going to church with their families. Christmas has so many traditions and symbols associated with it, that it’s difficult to pin point exactly how it came to be the festivity it is today. 

Also in the box:
Great stocking fillers: 

Chocolate mince pies :  six milk chocolate cups full of different textures;  filled with layers of crunchy praline and delightful salted caramel. What a treat!  Two big bite size of sweetness heaven.  Weight: 95g/box

Brazil Nuts : this beautifully designed tin contains 250gr of whole roasted Brazil nuts in 60% deep dark chocolate. In Brazil these nuts are called castanhas-do-Pará, literally “nuts from Pará“. Brazil nut tree can be found on the banks of the rivers  Amazon, Rio Negro, Tapajós, and the Orinoco. The tradition of eating nuts at Christmas came from Europe. In Brazil they signify abundance and prosperity. A lovely thought for Christmas!

Find out more about Hotel Chocolat  range of  Christmas, occasion, by genre or corporate products here: Hotel chocolat  and their Tasting club  


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