Pastel de Feira with Three Year Old Cheddar-Brazilian Street Food Pastry

Cheddar is the most widely purchased and eaten cheese in the world. It was first made in the Mendip Hills in Somerset near Cheddar Gorge, but today it is produced worldwide. I have been told that the majority of cheddar is made from cow’s milk and it ranges in color from white to pale yellow and has a smooth, fairly hard texture. Cheddar has a mild flavor when first made, but this develops to a full, nutty taste as it is left to mature. Most matured cheese is usually just 18 months, or at most two years old.

The three year old Davistow reserve cheddar is kept in storage for three years before being packaged.  I was lucky to be sent a piece of it to try it*. Davistow has been making cheddar in north Cornwall for over 50 years to a traditional recipe. This three year old cheese has a delightful, flinty texture and a sweet yet piquant taste. The three year old cheddar it’s not available for sale in the high street.  It is a very limited edition to champion Davidstow cheddar production.  However, Davidstow is bringing  some exclusive cheeses to shoppers in time for Christmas,  especially when customers are looking for unusual and strong-flavored cheeses for the winter months. Available at supermarkets and online: Davidstow Cornish Crackler extra mature cheddar,  Classic mature cheddar and for the diet conscious Classic Lighter which has 30% less saturated fat.

Tip: If serving on a cheeseboard remove the cheese from the fridge an hour before serving.

Three Year Old mature cheddar with cider

I made a Brazilian recipe using this delicious and flavorsome cheese. Pastel is a typical Brazilian snack, being derived from the traditional “spring roll” of Chinese cuisine. Its introduction was through the immigrants who had to adapt to the available raw ingredients in Brazil. However, its popularity in the Brazilian culture, came through the hands of Japanese immigrants who, during World War II,  arrived in Brazil and opened several bakeries in order to pass by Chinese immigrants, consequently getting rid of the discrimination that existed at the time.  The Japanese principles of food handling and processing, which were introduced in this pastries in the end, became a big business in Brazil. This pastries are tasty, fast consumption and especially cheap. Irresistible!

Pastel de Feira – Street Food Pastry


Ingredients – dough
• 3 cups all-purpose flour
• 1 cup warm water
• 3 tablespoons (soup) of oil (corn or sunflower)
• 1 spoon (soup) of Vodka or Aguardiente
• 1 spoon (soup) salt
• a bit more flour for working the dough
1. Place the flour mixed with salt in a bowl or a table and open a hole in the middle
2. In the hole pour the oil,  Vodka/Aguardiente and a little water
3. Mix water and flour gradually
4. When the dough is getting hard, add more water
5. The dough should be soft
6. Don’t worry if the dough feels a little sticky
7. If it’s too sticky, add more flour
8. If you find the dough hard, add more water
9. On a floured surface open the dough  thinly with the help of a roller I use my pasta machine
10. If  the dough is not thin it won’t  be crisp enough when frying
11. Fill the dough to taste, then close with a fork or the back of a knife
12. Fry in hot oil  on medium-high heat and drain with the aid of a slotted spoon,
before leaving to dry on paper towels
13. Makes about 15 medium pastries

Sweet and salt matching: Three years Old Davidstow Reserve Cheddar with red guava paste


you can fill the dough with meat and olives, chicken or for a sweet filling try banana, dulce de leche, palm hearts or any other filling – be creative!

meat filled pastry

Cheese and Guava – sweet and salt work well together
*thanks to Davistow and Wildcard for sending this fantastic cheese


  1. November 22, 2011 / 7:17 pm

    These look outrageously good. I'm so keen to visit Brazil someday – even more so if the street food is as good as this.

  2. Jonny Penn
    November 22, 2011 / 9:28 pm

    These are super HOT and CHILLI tasty!