Pure Vodka & how to make a Pink Guava Cocktail

I was recently introduced to a new spirit on the block, Pure Vodka. I like my drinks as much as the next person so I was curious to learn more about this new vodka. Launched in 2019, Pure gets its name from the fact that it is exactly what it says on the bottle, vodka in its purest form. According to their website, Pure is a… “clean, organic spirit, built on the foundation of high-quality raw ingredients and owing its unique taste to the finest organic wheat it is derived from.” Pure is small batched produced and due to the distilling process, is gluten free. Pure has less than 20 ppm (part per million) gluten, which means it meets the gluten-free requirement. It’s also vegan friendly. 

Pink Guava Cocktail
Pink Guava Cocktail

Adam, the founder, wanted to create a vodka that is not only clean and smooth but also environmentally conscious. He was also looking for a lighter, healthier option than other alcoholic drinks. The British wheat used to make the vodka is grown on organic farms. No pesticides, fertilizers, or any other chemicals are used in the fields. He believes that organic certified drinks taste better and have a higher nutritional content than non-organic drinks. 

It’s been shown that chemicals used in the fields directly affects pollinators such as bees and other insects. By using organic principles and practices, it protects them from being harmed. This allows them to carry on with the very important job of pollinization. Pure believes that organic farming is one of the best ways to help them (and us) survive. They have even set up their own Save the Bees (link: https://pure-vodka.co.uk/pure-lifestyle/campaigns/save-the-bees/) campaign to raise funds and awareness of the plight of the bumblebee. 

So, how does Pure taste? I tried it both straight up and in a cocktail and I can honestly say that it is one of the smoothest vodkas I have tried in a long time. Unlike some other spirits, it doesn’t burn once it’s been swallowed or leave a burning sensation. Drunk straight up, the taste has a slight sweetness to it. I think it’s the perfect vodka for a martini, which has just been shown the bottle of vermouth for effect before being poured into the glass. 

I decided to make my own cocktail using Pure Vodka and fresh guava.  If you don’t have access to fresh guava, use guava juice instead.  

Pink Guava Cocktail


  • 60ml  vodka
  • 20ml  guava puree
  • 20ml  lime juice, freshly squeezed
  • 20 ml sugar syrup – to taste


Add the vodka, rose syrup, guava puree and lime juice into a blender with a scoop and a half of ice and blend for about 30 seconds until smooth. 

Pour into a coupe glass

Garnish with edible flowers