Southern France, Vaucluse -Provence-Côtes du Rhône escapade

Orange – Provence


Orange is an agricultural commune in the Vaucluse Department in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region in southeastern France in the heart of the Côtes du Rhone. A city of art and history, Orange is outstanding for its extraordinary historical culture.

On arrival, you can see the Roman heritage all over, with the Arch of Triumph (three arches) standing majestically over the city.
A stroll around the old town with its narrow streets, restored buildings, and ancient shady squares with water pumps make you feel relaxed and ready to get up-close to history.

The Ancient Roman Theatre in Orange
Part of UNESCO World Heritage is the famous Antique Theater built in the early days of Christianity. It is the only Roman theatre in Europe to have a well-preserved stage wall measuring 37 metres high and 107 metres long. Nowadays spectators attend various cultural events including operas and concerts. The day I visited they were preparing for a concert. It’s open all year round.
Facebook: Le Theatre Antique d’Orange

Other places to visit in Orange: Musée d’Orange (ancient civilisation),
Colline St. Eutrope a pleasant walk up this hill which is rewarded by a panoramic view of the city.

Restaurant La Table du Verger 

A short drive from Orange is a delicious restaurant; La Table du Verger at Mas des Aigras. Sylvie and Chef Alain Davi are the owners of this former stone farmhouse snuggled in the green belt just outside Orange.
The restaurant is a hidden gem serving seasonal cuisine with fresh and mostly organic produce with a Provencal flair. Specialties: Scallops, light Aquitaine caviar cream, grilled slab of breaded bass with flax seeds, home-baked rose macaroon, and its lychee purée.

La Table du Verger at Mas des Aigras, dinner with neighbour winery

Restaurant La Table du Verger
Mas des Aigras, Chemin des Aigras, 84100 Piolenc
T. +33 (0)4 90 34 81 01
e: [email protected]

Sainte Cécile Les Vignes and e-bike ride through Côtes du Rhône Villages

Sainte Cécile Les Vignes, market day

20 minutes drive from Orange is Sainte Cécile Les Vignes, a charming Provençal town. The day I visited was market day in front of Mairie (Town Hall). I had a brilliant guide, Clémence from, who showed me around the market and guided the e-bike tour. The lively atmosphere and beautiful produce on sale made the adventure so unique.  I couldn’t resist and bought some truffles* , lavender, spices, and local honey. If I could, I would have bought more, but by now my suitcase was too heavy!
* – remember that extra packing tip here (jar, rice and  kitchen towel) to transport the truffles

It was a bright sunny blue sky kind of a day, and after the market, I experienced one of the most remarkable activities on this trip, a 25 km e-bike cycling tour around Côtes du Rhône Villages. Riding through the little roads around olive groves, vineyards and lavender fields was very pleasing to the eye, and the different smells of the countryside flora was a delight on the nose.


Côtes du Rhône





Château des Quatre Filles

The first stop at Château des Quatre Filles wine estate in Sainte Cécile for wine tasting.

We paid a visit to local artisan Jacqueline Ducerf, an artist who works with ceramics and gold leaf to a very high demanding clientele both commercial and private.

Jacqueline Ducerf has been residing in Cairanne since September 2013, in a lovely house with magnificent views of the Laces Montmirail and Mont Ventoux. The house is her residence, workshop and exhibition venue. Jacqueline showed me her studio and new pieces she’s been working on. She began her career running painting workshops for children, teens, and adults. The purpose of the workshops was to promote creativity and reinforce confidence.

work of Jacqueline Ducerf

Jacqueline Ducerf

Her primary business activity is the decoration of glass and porcelain, producing unique or small series (glasses, cups, plates), ornamented with patterns created by using precious metals, gold, platinum, bronze or colored chandeliers. 
Jacqueline is incredibly creative and enthusiastic about her work. It was a pleasure meeting her.

Jacqueline Ducerf
330 route d’Orange 84290 Cairanne
Tel: +33 (0) 6 87 03 02 32

Picnic at Domaine Rouge-Bleu and wine tasting

Domaine Rouge-Bleu
By now I was starving, but luckily our next stop was Domaine Rouge-Bleu for wine tasting and a picnic lunch overlooking the vineyard. Domaine Rouge-Bleu is also a very modern bed and breakfast in a secluded rural area of Rhone Valley.

Our picnic had all of the characteristics of Provencal table fare paired with
Domaine Rouge-Bleu wines. It was a well-deserved reward after so much cycling.

Domaine Rouge-Bleu
 Le Petit Alcyon, La Bouillon, 84290 Sainte-Cécile les Vignes
Tel: +33 (0) 7 61 00 47 92 –
 [email protected]
FB: Domaine Rouge-Bleu

Lavender field on the way back to Sainte Cécile Les Vignes

Domaine de Cabasse

Last night of this adventure! Dinner and overnight took place at Domaine
de Cabasse, wine estate, hotel, and restaurant, in the vineyards on the
foothills of the village of Séguret.

I really enjoyed my stay
here. The well-appointed room was clean and large; the bathroom was
modern and spacious. My room overlooked the vineyard. It is a very
peaceful location and a superb base to explore the surrounding areas, as
well as the winery.


The last dinner in the Rhone was outside in the terrasse.

White asparagus soup – delightful creamy cold soup with truffle oil – excellent star for a balmy evening meal

Terrine de La Maison with onion confit – lovely coarsely chopped meatloaf  kind of pate this Terrine were served at room temperature. I really liked the texture and very well seasoned terrine.

Strawberry tart with vanilla ice cream and cocoa nibs. That was a very refreshing finish. I particularly liked the addition of cocoa nibs.

de Cabasse, wine estate

Domaine de Cabasse
Route de Sablet, 84110 Séguret
T. +33 (0)4 90 46 91 12 –[email protected]
Facebook: Domaine de Cabasse

How to get to Vaucluse, Provence
By train  from Paris to Avignon, Toulouse and Nîmes
For more information, destinations and costs:
Twitter : @voyagessncf_uk / FB :
 Instagram: @Voyagessncf #Voyagessncf

Marseille, Montpellier and Nîmes

More information on the region: 
Twitter: @ProvenceGuide / FB: Vaucluse Tourisme en Provence

The view of Village of Seguret from Domaine
de Cabasse, wine estate

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Disclosure: I was a guest of Vaucluse Tourisme on this final leg of the press trip. As usual, all views are my own.



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