Unearthed – dips and Umbrian meat platter

Unearthed has brought their first ever selection of dips and a new platter of cured Italian meat for a light meal or to be served as appetisers. I called the neighbors for a get together to
taste the new products. 
The broad bean houmous dip is made of sesame seed paste and garlic. Nutty flavored twist on humous made with broad beans and a subtle kick of paprika. The creamy consistency of houmus and the chunks of broad beans add an interesting texture to this dip.
The Yogurt and green harissa dip, a glowing green seasoned with caraway seeds, coriander, lemon and very subtle chilli flavor. Not as punchy comparing to the other  two dips.
A delicious zingy and sweet pomegranate houmous with green harrisa dip is presented in two layers. The chickpea and pomegranate houmous is placed on top of the green harissa seasoned with oregano, bay leaves and clove. Ideal served with vegetable batons or bread. Full of flavor this dip is my favorite out of the three dips.
All the new dips are reasonably priced at £1.49 for 170g.
The cured Italian meats includes Italian Prosciutto Crudo – sweet and salty, this classic Italian dry cured ham is perfect served with crusty bread.  Perugian Salami was finely sliced, the way I like it, a fine paring with the prosciutto. We all loved this platter. It retails at £2.99 for 65g. We highly recommend it.
I will definitely be buying the meat platter and pomegranate houmous with green harrisa dip.
Unearthed is a national partner of Action Against Hunger and are committed to donate 1p per pack sold to support their campaign. 
Unearth products are available from Waitrose, Ocado and Abel & Cole.
Thanks to WildCard for sending the products to be reviewed.