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Brazilian food : canapé bolinho de arroz and feijoada

The FIFA World Cup 2014 is upon us and Brazil, my native country is the host nation. So many accounts have been reported about the organisation, so many books and UK magazines published 'Brazilian' take on original recipes. Nice to see the buzz and interest in Brazilian food. 
While we wait for the kick off next Thursday, here are some 13 things that you probably didn't know about Brazil, an article I was commissioned to write about facts, curiosities and a bit of food, published last week by Morrisons Magazine online.

I also wrote two easy canapé recipes for the blog, so you can savour the some Brazilian treats watching the football.  I hope you enjoy them with one or two cold beers or chilled glasses of wine.
Enjoy the football season! #BrazilianFood

rice surf and turf canapé , bolinho de arroz

Makes about:   24 canapes

This recipe was adapted from a recipe given to me at  As Veia in São Paulo.


2 cups of cooked rice,  about 240g

1 green pepper finely diced

dried shrimps 20g

small pieces of chicken diced 40g

small pieces of white fish 40g
1/2 cup of milk
2 tablespoons chopped of mix of  parsley, spring  onions, chives

1/2 tablespoon of baking powder
1/2 cup of flour  (80g )

 ½ cup of fresh breadcrumbs (50g)
2 eggs , big ones

red chillies finely diced, optional

salt and pepper to taste – leave that to last, as the shrimps are quite salty
oil for frying
Mayo, saffron and  lime to garnish


1)    Mix of the ingredients, apart from the oil, leave to rest for 30 minutes, add more flour if too runny

2)    Heat the oil for frying

3)    Fry dessert spoonfuls of the mixture in the hot oil, until golden brown on both sides

4)    Drain on absorbent paper. Serve  with saffron  and lime mayo.

Feijoada canapé

Feijoada canapé

Makes about 40 canapes

I adapted this recipe from our National dish feijoada.


500g black beans, cooked, 2 cups

250g seasoned rice, cooked, 1 cup

1 medium  white onion finely diced

1 handful of spring onions, sliced

1 handful of chives, chopped

15g to 30g cassava flour or plain flour

100g of greens finely sliced in ribbons and chopped

200g of bacon, small diced

100g of Portuguese sausage, small diced

100g of sundried meat, cooked - optional

salt and pepper to taste

3 eggs

breadcrumbs, plenty!

enough oil to fry
orange wedges to garnish
chilli sauce 


1)   In a pan fry half of the white onion until translucent

2)   Beat in the processor, beans, rice, onions, spring onions and chives to a smooth paste, reserve

3)   In a pan over low to medium heat, cook the beans and rice mixture slowly mixing and  adding  the cassava flour to make the dough,  at this point add as much as you feel is needed, until you can see the bottom of the pan, careful  not to burn the paste, reserve

4)   Finely chop in small cubes the bacon, the Portuguese sausage and sundried meat

5)   sauté the bacon,  the other half of the finely white  onion  the sausage and sundried meat, cook for 5-8 minutes , add the spring greens and cook for another 3 minutes

6)   Mix the bean and rice dough and the meat mixture

7)   Make 40  balls of 20g  each, about shallow dessert spoon

8)   Mix the 3 eggs in a deep bowl and  in another plate place the breadcrumbs

9)   Dust the balls in the breadcrumbs and dip the balls in the egg mixture and coat well with the crumbs again.

10) Fry in hot oil, dry in a paper towel , serve in a platter with  orange wedges and a small bowl of chilli sauce.


Christian Halfmann said...

Oh, I love the bolinhos de arroz. Sounds like a really lovely snack.

Rosana said...

Hi Chris,it is! Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog. :-)

Lisa Serrano Diaz said...

Great recipes for World Cup! I always love a theme. I really enjoyed the article. I had no idea about the cashews & their love of soaps! Thanks for sharing. I always feel like I am traveling when you are posting pics or an article like this. Lots of love, lisa

Rosana said...

Hi Lisa, thank you. I hope the article helps people to understand and know a bit more about Brazil.

Callum Smith said...

Oh my God Brazilian food looks so yummy :D

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