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Tuesday, 16 May 2017

kikkoman at SushiSamba London

The Kikkoman brand is famous for its slow fermented and complex soy sauce and now has a couple of new additions to its Teriyaki range. To celebrate the new range and its new website, food bloggers and journalists were invited to a special meal at SushiSamba in the iconic Heron Tower. The restaurant is located on the 38th Floor of the building which features truly breathtaking views of London.

The meal was a delightful combination of Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian dishes created especially for the occasion by the head chef.
A unique sharing menu was seasoned with Kikkoman’s famed soy sauce, and, we got to taste the brand new additions to Kikkoman’s family of Teriyaki sauces. They are perfect to help reproduce some of the dishes at home and add a Japanese flair to barbeques at home.

We started the evening with a couple of cocktails which each had the addition of Kikkoman soy sauce in them.  Recently, thinking out of the box is a favourite theme of the food scene and using cupboard products in unusual ways is gaining momentum.

The new additions to Kikkoman's Teriyaki family are the BBQ Teriyaki sauce, Teriyaki sauce with roasted garlic and Teriyaki sauce with toasted sesame - all perfect for a marinade and quick sauces for BBQ to add that Japanese flair to your dishes. For those that are cutting down on gluten or are coeliac,  there's also gluten free teriyaki marinade.  No-one misses out on good flavour.

The meal at SushiSamba

Edamame and sea salt
Maiz Cancha lime spice ( corn)
Crispy Wagyu Taquitos with Avocado and shichimi mayo

Bolinhos de Bacalhau, cod, lime, shichimi togarashi mayo, aji Amarillo, purple Peruvian potato crisp

thanks Rosie handmodel @alusciousnes

Tuna Ceviche, pomegranate Leche de Tigre, Maiz Morado, wasabi peas, basil


Assorted Nigiri: yellowtail, salmon, shrimp, aji panca, lotus
Soy-Marinated salmon (Ezo)
Tokyo Sky Tree: spicy bigeye tuna, tempura crunch, lotus root, aji panca spiced mayo


Kikkoman soy teriyaki, Japanse-style mayo, Yuzu Kosho
Hamachi Kama, lime, soy sushoyu

Churrasco Rio Grande, rib eye, chorizo, waguy picanha, cassava flour, vinaigrette and Chimichurri paste.

sides: coconut rice with chives , Peruvian corn micro coriander

Chocolate banana cake
maple butter, plantain chip, vanilla and rum ice cream

The evening was a great intro to the new Teriyaki sauces and also showcased the soy sauce in a new and innovative light.

Disclosure: I was a guest of Kikkoman at this event. All opinions  are my own.

Sunday, 23 April 2017

A luxury stay at One Aldwych, London

Being a tourist in the city where you live may sound strange, but it is, in fact, an enjoyable experience.  Seeing the sights with a fresh pair of eyes, spending time discovering new places and participating in activities that you otherwise wouldn't know or have a chance to do.

London is full of hidden gems. You might pass in front of a building and not even pay attention, even though it's in a very busy and touristic area.  Covent Garden is one of these places, lively, historic and peppered with theatres and the extravagant Royal Opera House. It's located on the border of the West End between St Martin's Lane and Drury Lane. A former fruit-and-vegetable market in the central square of the area, it's nowadays a popular shopping area and famous tourist stop.

One of the most distinguished places to stay in the area is One Aldwych, built in 1907 for The Morning Post Newspaper, it is one of the most important Edwardian buildings in London. Designed by successful Anglo-French architects, Mewes & Davis. It has about 15 theatres within walking distance and a plethora of shops and restaurants including the fantastic Eneko and Indigo, which are both parts of the hotel.  Other places within easy reach are famous art galleries such as the Tate Modern, Somerset House, National Gallery, and South Bank, the London Eye, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and the city of London, the financial heart of the UK.

The lobby of the hotel is an indication of what to expect throughout the hotel. Gorgeous architecture, classy and sleek interiors and excellent service. One Aldwych has 105 guestrooms and suites. Two suites even come with their own private gyms!

The hotel houses two restaurants : see my reviews  Indigo and Eneko dinner and Eneko brunch.  Yes, you guessed I am a fan of this place!

Deluxe room at One Aldwych

My room had all the mod cons you would expect of a luxury 5-star boutique hotel.  It's so elegant!  The bath products were divine!  The bathroom featured a power shower and a beautiful bath with white orchids everywhere and the white fluffiest towels and robes ever! Don't' forget the powerful hairdryer - a paramount amenity for everyone.

The huge double bed was extremely comfortable with crisp white linen and fluffy pillows. My room came fully equipped with working wifi, Samsung televisions, plenty of lights scattered around the room, digital-on-demand in-room entertainment & a CD player, with B&O sound speakers. The bathroom was great with shower and bath very swish decor. The toiletries were  amazing!  I had everything I needed in my deluxe room.


Breakfast can be served at the Indigo or room service - they make sure you don;t miss out on anything!

room service at One Aldwych
Breakfast in my room at One Aldwych

The room service was excellent and very elegantly presented. I choose the English cooked breakfast. It was very tasty and look at the colour of those eggs!
I also took the time to go to the theatre just a 3-minute walk from the hotel, a perfect stay in London!
a drink at the exclusive guest bar at One Aldwych

One Aldwych has a magnificent pool, an 18-metre chlorine-free swimming pool with underwater music as well as a steam room and sauna. The fully equipped is available 24 hours a day and is stocked with Technogym equipment for all you gym bunnies. Personal trainers are available by appointment.

 A small video to show the room and a bit of the One Aldwych

For rates and exclusive offers head to 
1 Aldwych, London WC2B 4BZ
A perfect stay in Central London!

Disclosure: I was a guest of One Aldwych for review purpose. All views are my own.

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Champagne + Fromage, melting Camembert in Brixton

melting Camembert at Champagne + Fromage ©Rosana_McPhee

Champagne is, in essence, a sparkling wine from the Champagne area in France. These fine wines are produced from grapes from the region and under the strict rules and regulations of the appellation, which includes secondary fermentation of the wine in the bottle to create carbonation, the much-loved bubbles.

Lately, I have been trying some delicious Champagne and food pairing. My latest champagne adventure was at my local  Champagne + Fromage in Brixton. They have a new addition to their menu that features melting Camembert with different and exciting toppings, each one paired with various champagnes.  Their champagne cellar contains only bottles from small growers, and family run businesses who produce limited and small quantities of quality champagne with great care.

Some of the baked Camembert we tried

Montbelliard sausage and wholegrain mustard baked camembert, mixed leaf salad and new potatoes.  Corsican Ham & Red Pepper Jam, The Pesto & Tomato is very popular with the Italians

Other options are Garlic & Herb, Figs & Thyme, Basil & Sun Dried Tomatoes and Truffle all paired with champagne - they have all the pairings sorted, so you don't have to!  With about 17  different toppings - 3 sweets and 14 savouries, the menu rotates regularly, so you have interesting choices every time you visit it.

Champagne+Fromage serve excellent charcuterie and cheese boards with all the trimmings and for the brave  - Like me! - Escargots with herb and garlic butter- It was the perfect meal.  Despite the unusual pairing, the acidity fo the champagne cuts through the fat of cheese making the perfect match!
Homemade Fondant Au Chocolat ©Rosana_McPhee

We finished lunch with a great and gooey Homemade Fondant Au Chocolat and an espresso.

This new Camembert menu is a great  comforting addition to their repertoire. Worth a try.

Please ask permission to use the images - thanks
Disclosure: I was a guest of Champagne+Fromage. All views are my own.

Friday, 21 April 2017

NOLA inspired food at The King & Co


It's no secret that one of my top wanderlust places to visit is New Orleans, so the invitation to taste some NOLA inspired food was very welcomed by yours truly. The King & Co is a local pub near where I live, in the boarders of Brixton and Clapham. 

The kitchen is often taken over by different chefs and cuisines. This April & May the kitchen has been taken over by Division 194 with a menu inspired by New Orleans dishes. Running daily, the pop-up showcases the trader’s tempting NOLA snacks & generously-stuffed Po’ Boy sandwiches using quality British ingredients, as well as a brand new Saturday brunch specials &  Sunday roast with all trimmings. 

Po'Boys are a traditional sandwich from Louisiana. It always consists of meat, which is usually sloppy roast beef or fried seafood which can include shrimp, crawfish, oysters and crab. The meat is served on a baguette-like New Orleans French bread, known for its crisp crust and fluffy centre. It's said the Po'Boy  was created in New Orleans in 1929 to feed striking tram workers.

Our tasting of NOLA in London

We started with a delicious trio of NOLA-style starters:

Deville Burford Brown egg and popped pig skin - this dish is such a delectable combination of textures and tastes.

Cauliflower cheese bombs  were remarkable & smoked chilli ketchup was my favourite sauce/dip of the night.  

 Finger licking buttermilk-fried chicken nuggets & a very tasty aioli

Followed by delicious crisp and sticky Chicken Wings confit'd in duck fat, fried until crisp, tossed in pickled chilli butter and served with blue cheese dip,

The Po'Boys


Beef shin ‘debris and bone marrow gravy sandwich and the NOLA-style shrimp were both were tasty, superbly generous filled and very nourish.

The drinks choice on the night was a pub tap takeover from  Berkshire-based Siren Craft Brew ( It was a brilliant and diverse array of beers.
Some of the beers we sampled:
Broken dream - breakfast stout - hints of coffee and cocoa beans
Half Mast QIPA - tasted like a boozy squash - light
Keg Beers:
Soundwave , west coast IPA - soft and light - perfect for beginners  quite elegant - great for non-beer drinkers.
Yu Lu, loose leaf pale ale, Sour  and tea-like after taste.
Undercurrent , oatmeal plae ale  we had that with our starters - toasty taste
Ryesing Tides, Rye IPA - we had this with  chicken wings  - it has a sweet liquor  taste.
Bourbon Milkshake, Imperial Bourbon milk stout -  it went down very well with dessert.
Acid Jam, Imperial Kettle sour blend, smooth and sour  easy drinking.
Maiden, aged barley wine - wine / light beer type of drink. -  quite high in alcohol 11.6%

Dessert was a decadent and rich 72% chocolate mousse, salted peanut praline, creme fraiche  - Delicious!
Division_194  will be serving fabulous food at King & Co until the 4th June 2017.

 More at and at

Disclosure: I was a guest at this dinner. All views are my own.

Monday, 3 April 2017

Patrón Secret Dining Society, London

Last  week was quite full-on with work and blogging, but I couldn't resist a very special invitation which included food and tequila.  I didn't turn it down! Niamh, fellow Uber blogger and almost-neighbour - she lives about fifteen minutes of walking from me, not quite 'next door,' but at a walkable distance -  invited me as her "plus one" to this exciting and inspiring event by Patrón.

Patrón produces luxury tequila which is made 100 percent from the highest-quality, hand-harvested Weber Blue Agave and traditional distillation.  Care, quality, and innovation are high on the agenda for
Patrón .

The event took place at the fabulous MC Motors (Castle Gibson) in East London - a fantastic location where many television series and commercials have been filmed and which is still in high demand for being such a unique space.
Patrón put together an evening showcasing the low-waste mindset of cooking and cocktail-making. In the kitchen for the Patrón Secret Dining Society was Chef Douglas McMaster from the first zero-waste restaurant, Silo in Brighton, and the famed cocktail philosopher Iain Griffiths of Mr. Lyan - what a great team.  The dishes and cocktails resonate the ethos “waste is a failure of the imagination” by Chef Douglas McMaster.

 Above: left Iain Griffiths of Mr. Lyan - right: Chef Douglas McMaster of Silo

It was a delicious and entertaining evening with a live set by DJ Felix Martin.  I felt very inspired by the innovative cocktails and also amazed by the plant-based menu  - I didn't miss having a steak on my plate that night, and that's a new experience for me.

Patrón Secret Dining Society  - London

trio of fermented artichoke, seaweed kraut and Silo spicy kimchi
Dinner started with Silo’s  warm sourdough, and a delicious home-churned butter seasoned with lava salt, accompany by a trio of fermented artichoke, seaweed kraut and Silo quite spicy ( I like it) kimchi. Drink to match was Patrón Reposado tequila cocktail of clear tomatoes and umami vinegar clarified with milk.

tequila cocktail of clear tomatoes and umami vinegar clarified with milk

Next was a delightful carrot dish oven-baked in lemon-waste compost with soft curds and whey created from steamed milk waste from Silo restaurant.  Drink to match was with a light sherry serve of Patrón  XO Cafe, pine needles, apple pulp, sesame and oxidised wine.

  The third course was king oyster mushrooms with pickled celeriac and rosemary, matched with a fat-washed Patrón Anejo Tequila cocktail with cured meat ends and cheese ring, topped with sparkling wine.



 Dessert was sea buckthorn and brown butter paired with Patrón  Silver tequila, cucumber seeds and kombucha cocktail which each guest mix themselves at the table.

More about this events: Patrón

Patrón Secret Dining Society calendar:

Paris – 27th April
Madrid – 29th June
Israel – 25th June
Edinburgh – November 
South Africa – September 

Disclosure: I was a guest at this dinner. All views are my own.
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