20 people to feed and no kitchen


This time I will be rambling about food and charity.

Last Friday we went all the way from London to Essex for dinner. It was Dannys, @FoodUrchin, first  pop-up restaurant.  The venue was the Brentwood Theatre. On arrival, we were greeted by David and Mark, they both work at the Theatre in different capacities. We had a couple of drinks at the downstairs bar with the other guests while waiting to be seated. After about 30 minutes we were taken to the 1st floor and through the studio and through a corridor to arrive at the ‘restaurant’ area and the improvised kitchen. Danny, his family and helpers brought all the kitchen equipment, including the tableware to dress the room for the evening. They did very well due to the circumstances We were seated at Mark’s table who told us about his work at the venue – an affordable community theatre – which provides an ‘acting space’ for around forty local music and drama groups . Opened in 1993, it provides a flexible professional ‘studio/fringe’ theatre, which can seat from 96 to 176 in a variety of formats and, following a huge campaign, now boast excellent backstage facilities and an additional 35-seat intimate space, The Audrey Longman Studio.

As a community theatre, they rely on the work of many, many volunteers who give up their time to provide an excellent and very friendly service to both  their audience and the companies who hire the Theatre to perform their shows. Many others choose instead to dig deep and donate. The extension including the Studio cost around £400,000 much of which came from individuals as well as large, independent trusts.  One anonymous donor pays half of the Box Office clerk’s wage.  Others give money ‘as and when’ and, as an example, one of the Supper Club visitors left £50 to replant the front garden!  Throughout the years, they receive donations all of which are invested in the future of this very special community venue!

Also, a lot of money comes from abroad, through the fans of their Patron, Stephen Moyer, star of True Blood.  For the past two Christmases, they have donated USD5,000 each year which has paid for several schools to attend the Christmas production.  For more details on how to get involved please go to http://www.allstephenmoyer.com/stephen-moyer-kids-theatre-fundraiser

Now back to the food… all in all an enjoyable night.  We were impressed by all the hard work put in to deliver a good meal at a suggested price of £20/head. In my opinion the highlights were the parsnip soup, glazed carrots, the granita, sorry no decent picture taken, kept us cool under the theatre lights and the deserts. Drinks had to be purchased at the venue licensed bar. They sell spirits, mixers, small bottles of water,  175ml bottles of wine or 125ml glasses so stock up before you seat at your table – the bar is downstairs and so is the loo. For more info about recipe from the menu below and next events contact Food Urchin.


the menu
hilarious ranting about kitchen utensils
first course very yummy
main course loved the glazed carrots! no salt or pepper at the tables
desert (one of two)


oh course I had both and they were delicious
the guests
well done!




  1. Anonymous
    March 1, 2011 / 10:10 pm

    Very brave indeed you going all the way to Essex for a meal and Urchin for setting up a pop up with no kitchen. That's real food love.

  2. March 2, 2011 / 6:50 am

    Hi Rosana

    Thanks for making it all the way from sarf London to Essex. It was great to meet you properly this time, rather than wave at you from up a gallery. Glad you enjoyed ; )

    Danny x

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