Abadia Retuerta Le Domaine: michelin-starred meal at Refectorio


Abadia Retuerta, Michelin star Refectorio
Abadia Retuerta –  Michelin star Refectorio

Food and service go hand-in-hand at Michelin star restaurant  Refectorio. I had an excellent and elegant dining experience here. The whole of Abadia Retuerta LeDomaine is set up to make you feel super relaxed in exquisite surroundings.

Refectorio is set in a long room with a high and gothic featured ceiling. The stone walls are the background to some beautiful antique original paintings.  Even though it is large, there’s so much to see, and yet it doesn’t feel cluttered. The antique furniture sets off the room nicely. There are about ten dining tables; it feels intimate and yet spacious. As you enter the room, the back wall features a stunning fresco, and by the entrance, there is a bookcase displaying an original collection of books dating back the 12th Century.

Abadia Retuerta, Michelin star Refectorio

A meal at Abadia Retuerta, Michelin starred restaurant Refectorio

The service is impeccable, friendly and elegant. The staff is knowledgeable about the food, wine and spa everywhere you go in this property. Customer service is second to none, they learn about your wishes and likes, and when you least expect it, they offer what you like throughout your stay.  That’s what I call service!

Abadia Retuerta, Michelin star Refectorio

Abadia Retuerta, Michelin star Refectorio – The menu

My meal at Refectorio was beyond my expectations, perhaps one of the best meals I’ve had in Spain this year. The menu was matched with some of the Abadia Retuerta’s fine wines.

The first time I entered the room my jaw dropped, everything was so amazing. at the dinner I was directed to my table. I travel solo most of the time nowadays, but the staff made me feel at home. Every single dish was explained in detail, and the wines complimented the dishes so well. I had the Abadia Retuerta wines as I was reviewing everything ‘Abadia Retuerta Le Domaine’  and the matches were just superb.

Abadia Retuerta Le Domaine: michelin-starred meal at Refectorio

Abadia Retuerta, Michelin star Refectorio

Crunch Toast with an intense  gazpacho water (out of the picture)
Bread with olive oil ice cream spring onion and mint – amazing flavours matched with champagne

Mushroom  cheese  stunning umami flavours
Pickled quail encased in sugary eggshell – soft centre and sweet hard shell tasted so good

Abadia Retuerta, Michelin star Refectorio

Cauliflower Soup with smoked trout, the clear soup is made with bones of the trout.  smoky and textured fish was a delight served with Abadia Blanco de Garda wine

Abadia Retuerta, Michelin star Refectorio

Leek hazelnut vinaigrette, roasted garlic croquettes, local mushrooms.  This dish was  full of textures, a mix of fresh and earthy umami flavours

Abadia Retuerta, Michelin star Refectorio

Local Mushroom pork jowl Abadia pine nuts puree of mushrooms concentrated earthy flavours matched with Abadia Retuerta Touriga Nacional red wine

Abadia Retuerta, Michelin star Refectorio

Cod with Iberico tripe sauce and turnip  wine pairing Abadia  Graciano, an intense wine to match the robust sauce. The combination of delicate fish and strong sauce made a exquisite visual appeal as well of element of surprise.  Wine: Abadia Graciano 2013

Tender and  juicy Lamb, mint and kale puree  and coffee matched with Abadia Retuerta Pago Negralada 2014, Tempranillo

Abadia Retuerta, Michelin star Refectorio

Bayonne (blue cheese) from Basque Country with whisky
Sheep’s cheese encased in a light, crisp case made with sheets cheese and rosemary topped  black olive topping served with Late Harvest Syrah Vendimia Tardia 2014

Rosemary ice cream toffee honey and Abadia pine nuts Floral tea with homemade chocolate lemon cream and toffee
Abadia Retuerta, Michelin star Refectorio
I can’t recommend Refectorio enough. Ok, I get that the place is a bit remote, but it’s worth the pilgrimage, believe me!  They have beautiful rooms and a very inviting bar. A stay at the hotel and Spa is also a must. For more on prices  and how to get there: Abadia Retuerta – Refectorio

PS:  A visit to their wine cellar is a must!


How to get there LeDomaine

LeDomaine is located in Spain’s north central province of Castilla y León. It is situated on the banks of the River Duero east of Valladolid in Ribera del Duero region.

Connected by plane to the airports of Valladolid “Villanubla” and Madrid “Barajas”.
By car from the airport of Valladolid to LeDomaine: 40 km.
By car from the airport of Madrid to LeDomaine: 220 km.

By High-Speed Train from Madrid “Chamartin” Station to Valladolid “Campo Grande” Station: 55 minutes.

By car from Valladolid “Campo Grande” Station to LeDomaine: 30 km.

GPS: 41º 36′ 54.95″ N, 4º 24′ 39″ W

Personalised transfer service on request.


47340 Sardon de Duero Valladolid,Spain

Tel: +34 983 680 368

Email: [email protected]

Disclosure: I was a guest at Abadia Retuerta for review purposes, this press trip was organised by Magellan PR . All views are my own.




  1. July 7, 2017 / 9:38 am

    I love a good wine matched meal – it really does lift top quality food into the sublime. This looks spot on.

  2. July 7, 2017 / 1:36 pm

    I love the plateware, the food looks gorgeous but also the plates are stunning.

  3. Gingey Bites
    July 8, 2017 / 8:10 am

    Although the food looks stunning (as you'd expect), what I really love is the setting which is totally stunning! What a real treat!

  4. July 10, 2017 / 10:24 am

    The food looks delicious and what an atmospheric setting!