Le Strada Della Mozzarella, Mozzarella Roads

Le Strada Della Mozzarella, AKA Mozzarella Roads, is an international event showcasing the Italian PDO Buffalo Mozzarella. However, it also highlights some other ingredients, which are typical of the Italian cuisine such as dried pasta, extra-virgin olive oil, and tomatoes. The 10th edition of the event took place for the second time in London after its 2015 edition. The event marked the beginning of the international tour for 2017.

Two Consecutive Days and Two Venues in London

The first event took place at L’Antica Pizzeria de Michele is the newest branch of the iconic pizzeria which comes from the heart of the Italian Naples. The Naples site opened its door in 1870. The event was called ‘one night in London’, and the Neapolitan Pizza was the centre of the evening. Four of the best Neapolitan chefs showcased their skills in preparing the traditional and modern pizza of Naples – Francesco and Salvatore Salvo, Marco Condurro and Giuseppe Pignalosahail –. The event also provided the attendants with the opportunity to immerse themselves into the world of pizza from Naples.



The Baglioni Hotel

Overlooking the Kensington Gardens, this particular venue was the perfect location to host the excellences of the Made in Italy event as it boasts the traditional Italian spirit and hospitality.

The half-day event was designated to celebrate the Italian cuisine with a particular focus on the southern parts of Italy and their innovative and creative use of Mozzarella in their culinary. The chefs in attendance included Angelo Sabatelli from Apulia, Roberto Petza from Sardinia, Accursio Craparo from Sicily, Salvatore La Ragione from Campania. The event also demonstrates the importance of different brands from Italy and on show was their most high-quality products.


Mozzarella amongst the field

Mozzarella amongst the field by Roberto Petza from Sardinia Michelin star
Fermented pasta , Wild celery, wild garlic chard asparagus cardoons, mustard leaves – amazing!

Mozarella, prawns and fermented turnips cocoa sand by Roberto Petza

Accursio Craparo from Accursio ristorante Modis in Sicily
Michelin star – Gomitolo de mozzarella, Sliced cook low temp cut finely cut to pasta
Couscous, vegetables and  datarini  tomatoes

Danilo Cortellini born in Abbruzzo. Italian embassy in London
Mackerel (blow torched) wild asparagus tomatoes crisp bread basil


Angelo Sabatelli  from Monopoli – Blueberries or olives?
Olives and blueberries cooked with sugar, vanilla, Buffalo milk with olive oil  a bit like sabayon, Sweet spaghetti deep fried – exceptional

Salvatore LaRagione – Twist on  aubergine parmigiana. Local cuisine. Balance of acid, sweetness – fine dining. Oyster Aubergine and its purée  mozzarella tomatoes dried , Seasane toast tomato consume

Great Italian Chefs – the go-to destination for lovers of Italian food – was the media partner for the event ‘LSDM’event in London in 2017.

Disclosure : I was a guest at both events.



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