Stylish eats and stay in Barcelona

Grand Hotel Central Barcelona, Skyline

A stylish stay at the Grand Hotel Central Barcelona

The Hotel
Grand Hotel Central, is in the heart of Barcelona well located for sightseeing and shopping, between the Gothic district with its spectacular Cathedral or the ancient city walls and “El Born”.  This is where the amenities and luxuries of a five-star hotel are combined with a sense of sophistication and finesse.

This very stylish hotel has 147 spacious rooms & suites with the best of a new design. It has a very famous and inviting infinity pool, Skybar, its City Restaurant serving seasonal market-fresh Mediterranean cuisine with local produce of the best quality, the stylish City Bar offering all day dining including salads, tapas and an extensive signature cocktails
selection surrounded by good music in a relaxing atmosphere.

There’s a Wellness Suite with its carefully designed treatments, the Thermal Suite that offers a private steam and sauna experience, the well-equipped Fitness Center. It all creates a unique lifestyle and modern experience with a sense of elegance.


The Pool, Skyline Bar

The Pool, Skyline Bar  and City Bar

The Pool and Skyline Bar are officially open from April to October.  Outside this timings, it’s open for guests only, and drinks can be ordered via a telephone in the bar area, very exclusive.

This outstanding outdoor space on the roof of the hotel where the magnificent swimming pool stretches towards infinity, blending into the rooftops of El Born. It offers one of the most breathtaking views of the city.

One of the most exclusive venues of Barcelona, a genuine metropolitan oasis, highly recommended for those who know how to enjoy the small pleasures of life while savoring exquisite drinks to the sounds of gentle music. During the daytime, the SkyBar is exclusively for hotel guests, but in the late afternoon, it opens its doors to everyone who feels like having dinner while floating above the city.

The City Bar is the perfect place to relax after a day of sightseeing and shopping. The service is outstanding.

Fantastic Eats in Barcelona

Foodie Tours are great! They are one thing I’ve been experiencing when abroad – I just love them. It’s the perfect way to learn about the city; there are plenty of historical insights to be learned as well the food habits and fantastic little hidden places, always guided by local.  Sure, there’s always the restaurant guides that show you THE ‘cool’ places to go, but nothing beats local knowledge.

In Barcelona, I had an excellent experience with Food Lovers Company.  An authentic experience of  Catalan and Spanish culinary culture. This tour enabled us to discover the Old Town since it follows the last pieces of a city full of history: the Roman, the Medieval and the Gothic city, and the most riveting spots in the area. They selected, the less crowded streets so that we discovered beautiful hideouts and alleyways to reach neighborhood eateries.

Nuria, our guide on the Tapas Tour was great. The tour was supposed to take 4 hours and 4 places, but we got on so well. It took a little longer… actually, much longer, so many sights and so many delicious food and drink to be had.  The tour costs EU 95 ( about £75/ US$108) – money well spent! Highly recommended!

Here are some of the highlights both on and off the tour.  I must stress that I haven’t been to all the places I would like to go, so I have a task to go back and discover more of Barcelona and surroundings.

Mojama de atún hecha en casa con naranja y almendras | tuna, orange & almonds

Pan de coca de cristal con tomate de colgar
| Tortilla
chocolate, sea salt & bread
Sangria : fully artisan, a perfect combination of wine and fruit with a frizzante touch, there are four different sangrias to choose from two red wines, white white and cava
little enticing places around Barcelona



Vermouth – a fortified wine flavoured with various botanicals and spices
rustic pan tomate


eat in and out – little windows serving food and drink


fried anchovies
fresh anchovies, tomato and onions – simple and delicious


ham and roasted pollo +  squid ink croquettes – amazing! 


off the menu: tripe stew
Patatas Bravas and natural, biodynamics wines and local grapes
Torta de Santiago and delicious coffee at Café del Pi, in Plaza Josep Oriol

Next stop was El National: Restaurant in Barcelona with different spaces where you can enjoy traditional recipes of the Peninsula, made ​​with high quality products and a unique atmosphere . Located on Passeig de Gràcia , it is a reflection of the social and cultural life of Barcelona.

El National

Pan tomate | Cava | Montaditos variados




Esqueixadas (Cod & tomato salad) |  Gildas (Mini skewers of green peppers,olives and anchovies)

El National : Passeig de Gràcia, 24 Bis, 08007 Barcelona, Spain 

La Bombeta de la Barcelonetta : mash potato balls filled with meat on a pool of aioli, spice tomato sauce and chilli oil – Delicious!


Hot chocolate and churros at Bar Xador –
Unique, modest and surprising find

Bar Xador : Carrer de l’Argenteria, 61, 08003 Barcelona, Spain

 La Boqueria

The Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria, often simply referred to as La Boqueria, is a public market in the center of Barcelona located just off La Rambla. It sells an array of products, fresh produce, wines, fish and stalls selling overpriced tapas and drinks. It’s very colourful with lots to see. It seems to cater for the tourist who believes in its hype.  Not my favorite market to date, but worth having a quick look around.
walking down La Rambla  to La Boqueria



Wow that was a lot to eat and drink  in one weekend!
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  1. Camilla Hawkins
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