Thursday, 13 July 2017

Summer with Gin Mare Med Roof Tops

Gin Mare

Gin Mare hails from Catalonia based outside the town of Vilanova near Barcelona. They are producing a gin, unlike any other. It's a rather savoury gin, full of aromatic herbs. Rosemary, thyme, olive, and basil are included in the botanical line up as well as citrus, cardamom, coriander and juniper berries.

Gin Mare is a top quality handcrafted Mediterranean Gin distilled in small batches in Florentine Copper Pot Stills.  Gin Mare distinguishes itself from London Dry gin in that the essential botanicals used are from the Mediterranean, thus giving it it's the only Designation of Origin in the world.  The botanicals utilised are from Italy, Greece, Turkey and Spain; Arbequina Olive, Thyme, Rosemary, and Basil are the main ones in every blend. They are also known for their single distillation process and subsequent blending of the eight separate distillates.
Gin Mare
Last year I had the pleasure to attend their Gin Mare Med Rooftops  London 2016 edition, and I wasn't disappointed!  What a show they put on! The roof top was inspired by the Mediterranean vibe of Gin Mare. In the spirit of a sun-soaked and relaxing day in Southern Europe, the beautifully decorated venue offered a place to escape and explore the unique tastes, textures, sounds and botanicals of Gin Mare.

This July, on Thursday 20th & Friday 21st, Gin Mare will host another exciting rooftop experience for gin lovers and those acquainted with the brand.  The upmarket pop-up will be situated overlooking the river Thames, with stunning panoramic views of the city of London.   While admiring the scenic sights and quaffing delicious gin cocktails,  seasonal canapes will be served including plump oysters dressed with no other than Gin Mare, of course! Let me tell you they were divine last year! 
Gin Mare and Oysters
Expect another show stopper of an event with cocktails featuring fresh mango, the Perfect Martini paired with a strawberry garnish, a cooling Frozemary cocktail, or a revitalising Basil Smash. Each of the cocktails will highlight the flavours and ingredients of the four Mediterranean countries where the gin’s botanicals are grown. 
Gin Mare

An occasion not to be missed! 
For more info and for a chance to win tickets register here

If you can't make to the roof top you can enjoy Gin Mare at home!

Available from selected Waitrose, Oddbins, Harvey Nichols, and Whole Foods outlets.  RRP £34-£41.00.

Online: and

You can also find it being enjoyed in some of the most discerning bars in London.

Happy Summer!


MUMMY'S LITTLE MONKEY (@JaxFortyNorth) said...

Gin, oysters and panoramic views of London - you've just described my perfect evening! x

Deepesh Bajracharya said...

it seems very interesting!

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