Anne Sophie Pic at Sushi Shop

Anne Sophie Pic x Sushi Shop 2018

Anne Sophie Pic x Sushi Shop 2018

Sushi Shop is an upmarket takeaway eatery founded by Grégory Marciano, Hervé Louis in 1998 in Paris. Every year they collaborate with different chefs to bring some exciting and occidental flavours to the into the shop’s menu.

This year, to celebrate 20 years of Sushi Shop, they have partnered with the only French female to be awarded three stars in France,
Anne Sophie Pic, who has designed four creations full of freshness, delicacy, floral and femininity to her creations.

Anne Sophie Pic Box at Sushi Shop

Anne Sophie Pic Box at Sushi Shop

Anne Sophie Pic creations for Sushi Shop 2018

cost : £ 24.90 / 23 pieces
3 Sushi Yellow Tail, Sage
6 California with Goat Cheese
6 Woodland Maki, Rose Geranium
8 Signature Tuna, Dill, Sobacha

Anne Sophie Pic Box Limited Edition is available at Sushi Shop until December 2018

Anne Sophie Pic Box at Sushi Shop for 2018

California roll: Fresh goat’s cheese, matcha green tea and bergamot. The combination of green tea and roasted brown rice gives a robust flavour that goes very well with the floral bergamot.

Signature tuna, dill, sobacha:  Dill, green apple and sobacha create a well balanced and aromatic creation.

Sushi of Yellowtail, pesto spinach, sage & lemon balm pesto, smoked tea : Very fresh and herby

Woodland maki, rose geranium: Finely sliced button mushrooms, rose geranium, yuzu, ginger. A mix of fresh, bitter, picante, and floral flavours. Rose geranium gives off a floral note; fragrant yuzu, nuances of citrus and the ginger give freshness and cleanness to the palate.

Anne Sophie Pic’s creations are absolutely delicious, light and very creative. Pop down to Sushi Shop to try them.

Sushi shop offers a variety of menus, catering to every single person:

Lunch box, sushi boxes, gourmet boxes to share, signature rolls, sushi, spring rolls, rolls – vegetarian, fish and seafood, maki rolls, sashimi & tataki, bowls, tartare & ceviches, extras and sides, and finally, desserts and drinks.

There are four outlets in London
Notting Hill
Old Brompton

Sushi Shop is present in other countries:
France – United Kingdom – Belgique – Italia – Luxembourg – España – Suisse – United Arab Emirates – Deutschland

Hear more about Michelin star chef Anne Sophie Pic and Sushi Shop co-founder Grégory Marciano at TikiChris Talks podcast:


Disclosure: I was a guest at press evening. All options are my own.


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