Celebrity Cruises, Equinox: Rome adventure

Another day, another adventure! The ship frequently arrives at the destinations around 7am, early starts and becoming  very common early starts with all this travel blogging. I love it! By now I was well-acquainted with Equinox, so I thought! I knew all the corridors and somehow managed to get lost a couple of times. I loved the glass elevator ride. You can see what is going on in almost all decks.  Day two and we arrived at the port of Civitavecchia, the nearest port to Rome, it takes about 1.5 hours to reach Rome by road, you have time to sleep a bit more on the way, if the excitement lets you, that is!

After a quick breakfast at OceanView Cafe, the casual self-service eatery, we took the road with our guide, who was quite enthusiastic and funny at times.  We arrived at The Colosseum at around 10.00am.

It is the largest amphitheatre in the world. The Colosseum is situated just east of the Roman Forum. Construction began under the emperor Vespasian in 70 AD; a monumental 3-tiered Roman amphitheater once used for murderous gladiatorial games and  slaves lived underneath.

Colosseum, Rome :
imperial power and cruelty
Boscolo Hotels

We stopped at Boscolo hotel in Rome for a quick bite to eat.  Gorgeous and glamorous  place great bread and wine. The menu was basic and just filled the gap.  The hotel looks amazing! Pitty the food didn’t match the surroundings….

Next stop was the Vatican, again International airport checking bags and metal detectors. We were entering  the  walled enclave within the city of Rome.  An area of approximately 44 hectares (110 acres) and a population of approximately  840, is the smallest internationally recognised independent state in the world by both area and population. The Vatican Museum and gardens were spectacular.

It was a very strenuous and challenging day, it was hot 25C and as you can image The Vatican museum, the Sistine Chapel  and  St.Peter Basilica and square,  possibly the most tourist place on the planet! All the art, wooden carvings, sculptures, tapestries and all fresco  and work of art on the ceilings are breathtaking. I shed a tear at St Peter’s Basilica; it’s so overwhelming seeing all the richness and the gold… The Sistine chapel is amazing – unfortunately photography is not allowed inside.


Sistine chapel – stock photo
Michelangelo’s Pietà, in the Basilica, is one of the Vatican’s best known artworks.

 The streets of Rome
Just soaking in the atmosphere and a gelatto
Trevi fountain – stock photo – as it was being refurbished – a pity I need to go back to see then…

After an early start and a full day walking and being spellbound by Rome, it was time to get back to the ship for another culinary adventure.  The journey back to the ship took double the time as an accident on the motorway took longer to remove as onlookers caused a second accident!  We were advised that the ship don’t wait for no-one, it has to leave on time, usually around 6-7pm, but in this case the captain took an exception as two day trip buses were caught in the traffic.  We got a standing ovation from the crew and guests once we arrived!

Dinner at Murano, Equinox

Murano is a speciality restaurant on Celebrity Cruises, Equinox, serving a fine dinning contemporary French cuisine on deck 5. reservations are a must and there’s an added-fee.
Again the table setting was impeccable as was the service.

Main dinning room
we started with a delicious amuse buche.  Look at the beautiful sculptured butter and little set of silver salt & pepper!

White Wine: we had one bottle of white wine: Saint-Romain, La Combe Bazin  a chardonnay from Burgundy, brilliant golden, youthful aromas of pear, quince, apple, vanilla, and sweet lemon It went down very well with the Lobster.


Warm Goat Cheese Soufflé with Smoked Tomato Coulis, Parmesan Cream & Basil Pesto, that was mine starter and I was told that is the best seller in the whole cruise. I can tell you  that is a winner it was the best dish in the entire trip. I have to reproduce when I got home and I did it!  see the picture below – recipe soon.
on the right: Diver Scallop Wellington Style with Black Truffle Emulsion & Spinach Fondue- essentially a scallop mini pie.

Tian of Peekytoe Crab, Gravlax Salmon & Avocado Mousse with Salmon Pearls & Caviar- Dill Crème Fraîche.
Creamy Maine Lobster Bisque with Leek and Shallot Flan, Cognac Cream & Crispy Sweet Yellow Corn Beignets
Entree – Mains: Lobster Tail “Your Way”: Delicate Warm
Water Rock Lobster Tail Prepared Classic Thermidor Style, Broiled or
Steamed, Crispy Potato Basket, Glazed Asparagus & Clarified Butter. It was prepared at the table.
Delicious Lobster Tail

Sautéed Muscovy Duck Breast: Spiced Duck Leg Confit in Almond Crusted French Toast & Raisin-Apple Compote au Jus


 Red wine was a brilliant Barda 2012, Pinot Noir from Rio Negro,  Argentina. Burgundian-style Pinot Noir from Argentina’s Patagonia region. Made from
100% estate-bottled, biodynamic fruit, aromas of roses with hints of
sweet spices and citrus zest. A organic Pinot Noir is gentle and delicious with a ripe

Very nice souffle for dessert
Les Six Etoiles du Murano for Two, well I eat all of them by myself: A
Selection of Favourite Bite-Sized Desserts, including, Royal Tokaji,
Aszu, 5 Puttonyos, chocolate pots, creme brulle, White chocolate and raspberry jelly.

That was a well desert end to a long, frantic and busy day!

My take on the Cheese Soufflé- recipe coming soon

Comte Cheese Soufflé based on Celebrity Cruises, Murano Goat’s cheese popular dish.


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