Masterclass at Ceviche and Avocado Mousse

I met Martin Morales a few times before  and I always wonder about his venture, Ceviche. I waited a few months to try it. I was sceptical since I’ve been to Peru, cook Peruvian food which I learnt when I was there and here with Peruvian friends. I went to Ceviche in Frith Street for a quick bite to eat back in May. I was pleasantly surprised by the food mainly. The service was excellent, but the amazing flavours and textures of the food was to die for. Simply well seasoned and bursting with exotic aromas –  just I remember having in Peru. I had Don Ceviche, anticuchos (ox heart bbq marinated in aji panca mix and served with Peruvian corn)  and the obligatory Pisco Sour. Viva el Peru!


Martin holds masterclasses at Ceviche Soho (check if that still going!)  for more details email [email protected]
This Monday I was invited to a special Martin’s Peruvian food masterclass, we made ensalada de quinua  taken from their book Ceviche, Peruvian Kitchen.  I really enjoyed the experience, but then I would as I love to cook and to learn more Peruvian food history. This time my presentation was rather good, look:

ensalada de quinua prepared by me at the masterclass!
quinoa, butter bean and avocado salad, fresh and delicious

At the masterclass we were introduced to hass avocados from Peru, where the climate condition is perfect for growing avocados. In the Spanish speaking world avocado is a aguacate, but in Peru is palta. Hass avocados are are oval shaped with protective knobbly-textured thick purplish-black skin is favoured for it’s durability and shelf life. The creamy and the nut taste makes a very popular choice. Avocados are nutritious and versatile. It can be part of savoury dishes or used in sweet recipes. In Brazil is very common to have avocado in sweet recipes and not so much in savouries. Milkshake, smoothies, natural sprinkled with sugar, avocado smothered in condensed milk etc.  Here is an easy and quick sweet recipe from me:
Avocado, lime and coconut mousse 


2 medium ripe avocados ( about 200gr)  – Hass worked wonders in this recipe.
1 cup of  cream of coconut  (200ml) – no need to add sugar as cream of coconut is sweet enough!
Juice of 1 large lime
50ml of milk
1 pack of flavourless gelatin (prepared according to instructions)

Remove the pulp of the avocado and place in blender, add the other ingredients including the prepared gelatin and blend until well combined.
Pour the contents into a mould.  Keep in the the refrigerator overnight.

sweet, zesty, light desert perfect for Summer days!
Disclosure:  I was a guest at this event.




  1. July 25, 2013 / 5:55 pm

    Mmm, I loved the Don Ceviche, and the ox heart kebab (but preferred the calamari & chorizo kebab- swoooon!) I need to try out Lima next… We should go together!

  2. July 25, 2013 / 6:10 pm

    Hi Jeanne, I definitely want try Lima too. I quite liked their sample dishes at Taste of London. 🙂