Plates of Seduction at Ella Canta at InterContinental Park Lane

Martha Ortiz is a Mexican chef and patron of the restaurants Dulce Patria in Mexico City and the gorgeous looking Ella Canta within the elegant InterContinental London Park Lane in London, England. Ella Canta means ‘she sings’. They have been serving beauty on a plate and tantalising Londoners taste buds since its opening back in September 2017.

Chef Martha Ortiz

Chef extraordinaire Ortiz’ cooking inspiration is based on traditional and contemporary Mexican cooking. She traveled to Hong Kong and Paris, France, where she worked in professional kitchens. Eventually returning to Mexico to learn more about Mexican cuisine. She toured around her home country learning and crafting the art of regional Mexican food. Chef Ortiz has since co-authored cookbooks with her mother, Martha Chapa, on local Mexican cuisine.

In 2009, Chef Martha Ortiz opened Dulce Patria within the boutique hotel Las Alcobas, in Mexico City. It has since won several awards, and as of 2017, is ranked number 48 on the list of Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants.

Plates of Seduction at Ella Canta

Ella Canta Bar at InterContinental Hotel Park Lane

Ella Canta Bar at InterContinental Hotel Park Lane

The experience at Ella Canta starts at the bar with a collection of tempting Margaritas as an aperitif; it’s a must. I tasted the Coa de Jima – Patron Reposado Tequila, Huana Guanabana (soursop) Rum liqueur, homemade spiced pineapple purée, aloe vera, vanilla syrup, lime, passion fruit and topped with champagne foam. I also had the beautiful cocktail Talavera Púrpura – Butterfly pea flower, Casamigos Blanco Tequila, Huana Guanabana Rum liqueur, native papaya shrub, lime, egg white and lavender syrup.

And then it doesn’t matter what you order … because we’re going to be pleasantly surprised by the original presentation and the flavour combinations.

Coa de Jima

Coa de Jima at Ella Canta

Moving on to the dining area – ah the food at Ella Canta….

Please don’t come here thinking you are going to eat your traditional Mexican food – this place is serving a modern, creative take on traditional Mexican food and yet using authentic ingredients, the menu is created by Mexican Chef Martha Ortiz.

Guacamole Nacionalista

Guacamole Nacionalista

The Guacamole Nacionalista, las joyas (jewels) Mexicanas – was tasty and unusually added ricotta and pomegranate, so pretty but I didn’t eat the gold grasshopper!

Lunch at Ella Canta was fantastic with dishes still appearing all the time from the colourful quesadillas, the delicious tacos, the seabass ceviche, all with great taste and impeccable presentation. My weakness was the black mole duck; a brilliant plate that has everything I love. The mole is superbly refined and earthy – I have made mole before and it takes days, so I appreciated it.

The innocent looking salad of chayote, courgette and lime is divine! Leave space for dessert, especially the Dulce de guayaba, canela quemada y nuez – Don’t get me wrong, I like the churros, but I love this recipe more! The sweet, earthy flavours, the red guava sweet-tartness, the musky aroma and the creamy texture went down so well with the caramelised nuts – just amazing! Unfortunately I didn’t get a good picture of it.

After all the feasting why not try the hot chocolate or the innovative coffee choices. There’s plenty to explore here.

A special mention to all the aqua frescas  (cool water)  again the bold combinations of flowers, fruits and herbs of the drinks are superb!

aqua frescas at Ella Canta

Aqua frescas at Ella Canta



Beautiful Dishes at Ella Canta


Tacos at Ella Canta

Tacos at Ella Canta

Tacos de chilorio (pulled pork in chilli sauce) , salsa de aguacate (avocado) and hierbas (herbs) Mexicanas – to die for!

 chilorio tacos

chilorio tacos at Ella Canta

Quesadillas multicolour – so tasty and filling served with salsa. A choice of Poblano chile and cheese, wild mushroom and cheese, beef and cheese, huitlacoche and cheese.

quesadillas multicolour

quesadillas multicolour at Ella Canta

A vividly coloured dish, the Ceviche vampiro con el esplendor del mango y aguanieve de sangrita – a South Coast sea bass ceviche, mango and sangrita sorbet, could have done with a bit more seabass, but still another winner on the table.

 Ceviche vampiro

Ceviche vampiro

Pescado al pastor, ensalada de lechuga de cordero con cilantro y salsa taquera – South Coast seabass al pastor style, lamb’s lettuce salad, coriander, salsa taquera – smoky-hot and tangy flavours (chiles, tomatoes, garlic, salt, tomatillos). A beautiful dish with plenty of textures and flavours. But my favourite dish of the day, Pato al mole negro, puré de plátano y Arroz Rojo – Duck with black mole, plantain purée, red rice topped with delicate plantain chips.

Pato al mole negro at Ella Canta

Pato al mole negro at Ella Canta

Fantásticos churros Mexicanos con festín de caramelo y chocolate – Mexican churros, caramel and chocolate feast – the chocolate wasn’t too sweet and the caramel was silky  of perfect consistency.

churros Mexicanos at Ella Canta

churros Mexicanos at Ella Canta

María, la Mexicana llega a Londres (Maria arrives from México) – another great dessert made with galleta Maria – Marie biscuit is similar to a rich tea biscuit. This recipe is a bit like cheesecake but better.

María, la Mexicana llega a Londres (Maria arrives from México)

María, la Mexicana llega a Londres (Maria arrives from México)

Café de olla – super special coffee and I was surprised (again!) It is a  spiced with ‘piloncillo’ star anise cloves and cinnamon, topped with guava foam and chocolate

Café de olla

Café de olla at Ella Canta

I’m already thinking about going back to further explore this excellent menu. Highly recommended!


Ella Canta London

One Hamilton Place, Park Ln,

Mayfair, London W1J 7QY

t: 020 7318 8715

Disclosure: I was a guest of Ella Canta at the InterContinental Hotel Park Lane. All opinions are my own.