Quaglino’s a stylish brunch in London

Quaglino's , brunch in London

Quaglino’s has been in the London dining scene for quite a while. I remember going there for drinks and dinner back in the early 00’s.
It was the place to be and be seen. It had quite a buzz.

It has since undergone a much-needed makeover, and it looks sharp; that iconic staircase still looks as glam as ever! Going down those steps, you almost feel like floating into the gorgeous and decadent restaurant downstairs. But some things never change as the service is still polite and very attentive.

Quaglino’s was established in 1929 by Giovanni Quaglino from the Piedmont region of Northern Italy. It is said to have had a very charming character that drew customers rich and famous to the restaurant; it was a place that offered an extraordinary menu and service, and a fashionably late supper followed by music and dance. Over the years, this venue has hosted glamorous parties, royal gatherings, and frequented by Hollywood stars, politicians, socialites, and so on, you get the picture! But, like many venues, Quaglinos suffered from the effects of war and recessions. It was closed and opened a couple of times over the years.

In this last reincarnation, Quaglino’s has an added stage where a  DJ plays during the brunch and a cabaret takes place in the evening.  It still has an elegant, decadent allure.

I was elated to be invited to review their Q brunch, which takes place on Saturdays. A glass of champagne at the bar upstairs was in order as a pre-brunch drink, which made going down that staircase even more spectacular! When we arrived, the place was quiet, and a bit empty — when we left we felt the atmosphere was electric and the place was full.

Quaglino's London

Quaglino's London
The Bar at Quaglino’s

Quaglino's  champagne

Quaglino's London
Prosecco  at Quaglino’s

Quaglino's London
Poached egg, avocado, chilli, roasted tomatoes on grilled sourdough, you can go wrong with dish recipe

Quaglino's brunch
Harissa & peanut roasted aubergine, whipped coconut, buckwheat, black quinoa  and lentil tabbouleh – lovely looking dish but lacked seasoning

Quaglino's London brunch
lobster soup – absolutely delicious and nourishing
Quaglino's London brunch DJ
Love the DJ

Quaglino's London fish and chips brunch
Fish & chips – lovely chips, the fish batter was light and crisp, lacked a bit of seasoning

Quaglino's London brunch steak
Quaglino's London brunch steack and egg
Steak and Egg – I devoured this dish – It was delicious and cooked to my  idea of steak perfection
Quaglino's London brunch, cheese board
The platter of British cheeses, nuts, grapes and quince – delightful!

Verdict: I loved the free-flowing bubbles! Extra browning points for the
DJ. The brunch menu offers a good selection of dishes at reasonable
prices for central London and the glamorous surroundings. Our food was
served in a timely manner; the dishes were tasty, but I would like to
see a bit more inspiration on the menu. But then again, it’s a brunch. 
A very nice treat! The service is impeccable! Recommended!

16 Bury Street, London SW1Y 6AJ
020 7930 6767

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Disclosure: I was invited
to review Quaglino’s in London, and I was a guest at the restaurant.
The views I present here are my own.


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