Monday, 6 June 2011

An evening of South African food, wine and food photography

I first met South African Tracey, back in January at the London Cooking Club, comfort food night and later at some foodie events. Together with Luiz, The London Foodie and London Cooking Club founder, and Jeanne, very successful South African food blogger CookSister,  they organised a supper club night to celebrate South African food and wine. Tracey and Jeanne provided twelve delicious recipes, which the guests chose one from a suggested list, cooked and brought to Luiz's house on the night.  I chose one of my favourite foods: ice cream. The pawpaw ice cream was paired with Dr G's milk tart, easy to make and very tasty. Perfect ending for very hot summers night.
The night started with some pleasant finger food, timbales made with angel hair pasta and 
chard, it's a kind of savoury scone cooked by Tiffany.  The vegetarian samosas had a modern take and were served with a yogurt and pickle sauce served with matching wine. They were divine!
Canapes: pancetta, chard & pasta timbales and goat cheese & coriander pesto samosas

Timbales - utterly delicious
Tracey explaining about South African food and spices
Jeanne handouts on food photography

Jeanne educating us on wine and basic food photography
Part of table setting - nice napkins!
Heating up the very unusual avocado soup
Warm avocado soup with Biltong, delectable! Jeanne's recipe
Pickled fish by Luiz
preparing the bunny-chows

no bunnys in sight
Chicken garam-masala filling for the bunny-chows
the bunny-chows  fast / street food
mini chicken bunny-chows with home made garam masala by Tracey
You used the inside of the bread as 'cutlery' to eat the garam masala filling. This food originated in the Durban Indian community. During the apartheid regime Indians were not allowed in certain shops and cafes and so the shop owners found a way of serving the people through back windows etc. This is no longer the case, but this dish still being served in South Africa.
The lovely hosts: Jeanne, Luiz and Tracey

Jeanne's made up 'studio'

Mains: beef bobotie recipe here, prawn curry with fish masala and sambals

braised lamb shanks with Pinotage, boereboontjies and yellow rice with raisins
My dish: 
PawPaw Ice cream the recipe:
250 g condensed milk
500 ml of double cream
1 cup of pawpaw pulp
4 egg whites stiffly beaten

Mix the condensed milk, double cream and pawpaw pulp (blitzed and sieved),
slowly fold the egg whites. Freeze for at least 24 hours.

I used Brazilian variety papaya

milk tart and pawpaw ice-cream

More recipes: here
We all brought a matching wine with our courses, mine was Graham Beck, kindly suggested by Luiz;  high quality, non vintage South African sparkling wine made from Chardonay and Pinot Noir grapes, the two varieties are blended separately and then cross blended, bottled and then left for 24 months to undergo secondary fermentation in the bottle. Available at some Waitrose, John Lewis Food Hall Oxford Street, online and Bibendum. It's very fresh, light and creamy. Perfect ending to our fabulous feast. Thanks and cheers to Luiz and Dr G for being such charming and very welcoming hosts. Again thanks to Tracey and Jeanne for the lovely recipes, organisation, sharing their food, wine and photographic knowledge. Hopefully, from now on no more orange food pictures! 


Jeanne @ CookSister! said...

Oh I LOVE it!! What a fab post, and so QUICK :o) It was a wonderful evening - such a pleasure to meet you and loved your ice-cream (with the pink sparkles!!). I also love the photos in the post - not often I get to see myself "in action"!! Can you possibly mail me a high-res version of that snap of me, Luiz & Tracey?? Would really appreciate it! :)

Kavey said...

Wish I had been able to come but the celebration weekend away with the in-laws had been booked for a long time!

I so hope this theme is repeated so I can come!

Tracey said...

Thanks so much Rosana. This is fabulous!!! Thanks for sending the pics too... looking forward to seeing you again soon.

Hanna @ Swedish Meatball said...

This looks absolutely amazing - wasn't quick enough to snatch a place to hopefully next time! Everything looks truly special.

Hanna @ Swedish Meatball said...

Ooooh and also - what were some of the top food photo tips that came up?

Rosana said...

Thanks everyone for reading, for the comments, for twitting and RTs too.

Hi Jeanne, I emailed the hi res. Thanks again for the lovely time. Must get together soon.
Kavey, I hope so too. It was inspiring. Very glad I went. Delicious food.
Tracey, looking forward to seeing you soon too. Please keep me updated with any news.
Hanna, It was fantastic. Do contact Luiz to book a place. Jeanne gave us a handout and showed us the cameras settings, which varies from camera to camera etc. Must get together soon too.

Jeanne @ CookSister! said...

And would you believe... my post of this lovely evening is finally UP!:

Better late than never... ;o)

Selena said...

This was a perfect event. The images show the real happenings at this event. What spices do you used for food preparations?

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