Chelsea Flower Show and Kensington Hotel Floral-Themed menu

Chelsea Flower Show

Looking for a unique experience on your trip to London? For five days in May, you can experience the beautiful RHS Flower Show at Royal Hospital. The Chelsea Flower Show, London event is the most popular flower show in the UK and attracts tourists from all over the globe. Check it out and you’ll see a whole other side of Chelsea, London. Tickets must be bought in advance.

The avant-garde show gardens are created by high profile designers and feature Floral Marquee as their premier display. This isn’t the only attraction, though. You will also have the chance to explore smaller arrangements such as Urban Gardens and the Artisan. While they’re smaller in size, you’ll find that they are equally beautiful and diverse.

Ever since Hampton Court took over this London flower show, it has held up its prestigious title with its diverse range of exhibits. If you’re looking for something more traditionally British, you’ll find enjoyment in its nursery display and model gardens. If exotic flowers appeal to your interests, you’ll be happy to know that the Chelsea Flower Show offers exhibits created by foreign countries as well.

Even the Royal family acknowledges how fantastic this London event is, and if you visit on opening day, you can see them in attendance. Gardeners, landscapers, and related companies even outside of London submit their exhibits, and you will be inspired by their marvellous gardens to create one of your own. You can take some of the creative ideas you see to beautifully decorate your home.

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Floral-Themed Cocktails and Menu at the Kensington Hotel

The Kensington Hotel is providing botanical cocktail and food menus in celebration of the 2015 Chelsea Flower Show. In recognition of the marvellous exhibits displayed at this year’s show, much of the menu has been designed to reflect the gardens’ beautiful displays. If you’re not ready to end the day after the London show, visit the hotel for a themed meal or drinks!Botanical lover and mixologist Alessandro Pizzoli has created the 2015 Chelsea Flower Show cocktail, Lily of the Valley. This delicious cocktail is a great way to relax and collect yourself after a long exhibit. The floral fragrance is enough to keep you thinking about the stunning displays you viewed all day long, and the hotel’s Town House restaurant and lounge are the perfect settings to unwind.

In addition to the floral cocktail menu, the Kensington Hotel offers some unique, floral-themed dishes. This includes sea trout with champagne butter, spring chicken with elderflower, chanterelles with puntarella and green dandelion, wild fennel flowers with pennywort, Dorset crab, and bitter chocolate with rosewater delice.

The fun doesn’t have to end! Get the full Chelsea Flower Show, London experience and visit the Kensington Hotel for extended festivities.

Lily of the Valley is a  blend of Bombay Sapphire Gin, lime juice, homemade lavender sugar, and cranberry juice topped off with Kopparberg Elderflower and Lime cider. The cocktail is served over crushed ice and garnished with seasonal edible flowers. Lily of the Valley is made with top quality ingredients resulting in a tall, refreshing with floral notes cocktail.


 Lily of the Valley – cocktail


Lily of the Valley costs £14.50 while the floral menu is priced at £24 for two courses and £30 for three. Both are available to enjoy from 15th until 31st May.
Kensington Hotel

Disclosure: I was a guest at The Kensignton Hotel to taste the new cocktail. Views are my own.