Dim Sum masterclass at Ping Pong

I was invited to learn how to make Dim Sum at Ping Pong and to try their new menu showcasing unique flavors for the month of  May and June as part of their Seasonal Specials.  The core of Ping Pong philosophy is steamed fresh and handcrafted food to be shared in relaxing surroundings. Ping Pong has eleven franchises in London, two in Washington, two in my hometown of Sao Paulo-Brazil and one in Dubai. We were told that their food has no added MSG, mono sodium glutamate, usually used to enhance flavor of food. 
Frans and his assistants
We were greeted by Frans, kitchen and quality control manager at Ping Pong, and his assistants who patiently taught us to wrap Dim Sum, a technique that takes over two years to master.

Afterwards we sampled their new June menu, including the delicious cocktails created by Daniele, Ping Pong mixologist. 
my dim sum, not the prettiest in town, but very tasty
Lychee & roses martini: classy exotic gin, rose petals, lemon and lychee juice and Morello cherry San Pao Tai
The menu include vegetarian, health choices and gluten free options. Let’s the feast begin!
Morello cherry tai iced tea: sweet tangy  with spiced berries – morello cheery puree, lemon juice and jasmine iced tea – delicious long drink, in the background crunchy vegetable and tofu spring rolls with chilli sauce
Dumplings :king prawn and coriander in  steamed translucent pastry and beef with oyster sauce, cumin and chives in red beetroot pastry
crispy prawn wonton served with sweet chilli sauce, peppery and sweet perfect starter
Lamb and Chinese dates rice pot – braised lamb with small Chinese sweet dates, garlic and mild chilli sauce on jasmine rice.
Vegetarian option
Chicken and noodle sour soup – braised chicken, lemongrass, garlic, Chinese wine broth with egg noodles, straw mushroom, broccoli and chilli – wow! what a soup!  Fabulous, warming and very filling!
Vegetarian option – delicious coconut and mushroom  with water chestnuts and hint of citrus topped with fried shallots so tasty!
Desert: Valrhona chocolate and coconut puree bun: fluffy white bun steamed – fantastic end of a feast!
Fantastic looking tea – Emperor’s crown, a nest of green tea crowned with a vibrant red flower
Blackcurrant & hibiscus – fresh and sweet
Open Kitchen, we could see our food being prepared
lovely bar
I had a good experience at Ping Pong, the staff was very knowledgeable and courteous, 
the deco at this particular venue, in Bread Street in EC4, was very nice and clean. 
I enjoyed  the creative cocktails, the flowering tea and the Valrhona chocolate bun in particular.  They have a variety of set menus  from £9.95 (Ping Pong selection)  to £14.95 (seafood and vegetable option) per person. A Sharing menu at £36 for 2 people. Cocktails from £5.95 to £6.95. Rare and gourmet teas around £2.95.  Wine (£14.95-£27.95), beer (£3.65-£7.25) and champagne (£50/bottle and £9.95/125ml glass) are also available. Soft drinks from £1.15 for soda water to £ 3.05 for fresh lemonade.  Menu
For your nearest Ping Pong:: here
Hot and Chilli was a guest of Ping Pong. 
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