Life-changing places with Lufthansa

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Travelling brings so many unexpected and beautiful experiences; for some, it can be lifechanging. That was the theme of my last supper club experience in London, life-changing travel.

Lufthansa’s #lifechangingplaces supper club

It was a delicious, colourful and intimate dinner party, hosted by Lufthansa and cooked by chef Thomasina Miers in her home back in November. Thomasina was the perfect host for this particular collaboration.

Thomasina found her true calling during her first trip to Mexico. That’s where she discovered and was fascinated by, Mexican food, culture and history. Back in London, she founded Wahaca, a fresh Mexican food restaurant, outlets of which are now dotted all over town.

Watching Thomasina cooking was such a pleasurable and soothing experience. Her style is simple, using layers and layers of flavours and textures. Fresh and good quality ingredients were the key to her exceptional meal.

Gorgeous and tasty food at Lufthansa’s #lifechangingplaces

A gathering of food and travel lovers took part in this feast to share stories of travel adventures while dining on the most delicious treats.

Over sumptuous food and drinks, everyone got to know Thomasina and her guests better. Many exciting and inspiring travel and food experiences were shared, some funny, some life lessons and many memorable adventures. The whole evening gave me even more wanderlust!

The menu was designed around ingredients we (guests) selected from our favourite travels. My three components, banana blossom from my travels to Thailand (missing from the menu), Persimmon from Spain, and tapioca from my native Brazil, were imaginatively interpreted.

stunning tapioca, vanilla and cinnamon pudding with a side of Persimmon sprinkled with tequila and lime zest.

I particularly loved the use of tapioca pearls and seasonal persimmons. The result was a stunning tapioca, vanilla and cinnamon pudding with a side of Persimmon sprinkled with tequila and lime zest.

Worldwide destinations can be educational, challenging, uplifting and bring everlasting friendships. Where is your next destination?

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