Tasteology by AEG

Canapés:  Sous vide asparagus with parmesan mousse and olive
soil, vacuum compressed watermelon infused with Hendricks gin.  Very refreshing and tasty cocktails.

The things we do for the love of food!
Last week after my very luxury travel experience in Provence I found myself at another fabulous setting, The AEG/Electrolux premier screening of Tasteology.

‘Tasteology is an AEG-initiated factual report series revealing the four steps required to achieve cooking results that are multisensory, sustainable, nutritional and delicious all at once. The four-part series invites viewers on a culinary journey around the world to gain inspiration and knowledge far beyond TV cooking shows. Insights are gathered from different kinds of experts, such as a chemist, a food waste activist,  psychologist and a popular Instagrammer, who all share their answers to questions traditionally posed to chefs.  It took the company eight months to put the taste expert team together. Tasteology is ready and available to be viewed on youtube and AEG site’

The evening took us on a gourmet journey through a film-documentary divided into four parts on how to take taste further. The first part is about source and foraging for local and seasonal food. We experienced food with sounds, smells, and reproduction of fog on the table  like we were in a forest. Very theatrical  and impressive.

SOURCE: ‘Tsumikasa – hunted with gratitude’ grilled seasonal mushrooms, foraged herbs, the most amazing fossilised cassava, pumpernickel and mushroom soil – very earthy dish.

The second part was about chill and how to store ingredients and produce in the fridge to preserve them to optimum state.

CHILL EPISODE: ‘Many people don’t do that’  chopped 28 days aged beef with tartare condiments – DYI Beef tartare

Heat was the next part and showed us how to get the maximum of heat, steam in all conditions to achieve best tasty results.  Foods cooked in ‘acid’, sous vide, steam and simply pan cooked.

HEAT EPISODE: ‘There are many different ways of cooking’ a foursome of salmon recipes and four different ways of cooking

Experience was the last episode that took us to the ultimate taste encounter. How plating up and composition has a psychological effect on how we perceive taste, and how sounds and colours affect the eating experience.

EXPERIENCE EPISODE: ‘If you believe the numbers’  Dessert: passion fruit chocolate ganache, chocolate & coco nib crumble, passion fruit and apricot sorbet

Fascinating and compelling documentary made even better with food.

You can read more about behind the scenes of part of the film and an interview with Instagram chef sensation Jacques La Merde, who it transpired, it’s a lovely female Canadian chef: CooksisterBlog  

Disclosure:  I was a guest at this event. All  views are my own.



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  1. May 28, 2016 / 7:58 pm

    This sounds absolutely fascinating and a totally unique experience. The food looks delicious too…