Monday, 21 March 2011

Seriously Fishy

I can’t seem to stop being fascinated by the underground restaurant scene. Another evening and another adventure, this time in the East End of London.  A seriously fishy Hubbub feast at  Alexis (@Lexeat) lovely flat by the canal; together with Nicola (The Shed), they came up with a spectacular fresh, sustainable and pescatarian menu for the evening. The produce were supplied by the fishmongers Fin & Flounder. They are part of the Hubbub, where  Nicola is the marketing executive, a delivery service from trendy local independent shops in the East End of London straight to your door step. Hubbub is owned by Marisa Leaf - a local hero!  At the moment is an East End privilege service. They are looking to expand to other areas of London soon, I hope!  The night was BYOB and it costs £20/head for a very well executed  spread of 5 courses all produced using very good quality ingredients and welcoming bubbly on arrival. 

The hostesses were charming and friendly. Guests were very interesting and the conversation around the tables were diverse. The food was expertly presented in a share like of way and very tasty.  It was amazing to see the kitchen completely clean and tidy so soon after dinner service. I highly recommend it and I already planning another visit soon. Another fabulous night in the hidden world of pop up restaurants.

 The Cooking:
Pollock prep
Alexis famous flat breads

The  Place:

Craig at Fin & Flounder joined us for  dinner  with his lovely wife to demonstrate some seriously fishing filleting.
Craig, Alexis and Nicola and how to fillet a monkfish

The Dinner:
1st course : Crab Bisque
2nd Course: Mackerel Escabeche, Lex flat bread and creme fraiche
3rd Course : Monkfish fish fingers (in chorizo crumb) with pea puree and saffron mayo
4th Course : Roast Pollack with selection of Moroccan-inspired accompaniments
Lemon & Lime Shortbread - Delicious! Alexis kindly gave us a bag to take some home
5th Course : Creme Brulee, honey roasted Rhubarb and homemade shortbread
Caricature of Craig by one of the guests

We were given a lovely goodie bag with Friands, which we had for breakfast the next day
Thanks Alexis and Nicola for a great time.


Hanna @ Swedish Meatball said...

Wow this looks brilliant! Fin & Flounder's everywhere right now, for good reason! Do you know if they are doing this again?

Rosana said...

Hi Hanna, I don't know you can check Hubbub website, contact Nicola. The fishes were spectacular indeed.

The London Foodie said...

I was meant to come to this too but I was busy on that evening, it looks fantastic! I LOVE Alexis and Yohanna, and their supper club is in my opinion a real gem! They came to our London Cooking Club last Saturday too.

Luiz @ The London Foodie

LexEat! said...

Thanks for the lovely post! I love your photos - especially those from above.
I really enjoyed meeting you & I'm so glad you enjoyed the night!

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